Airtel has Fastest Download Speed than Jio

Airtel vs Jio

At present, Airtel is giving a tough competition to Reliance Jio in the telecom sector. Airtel has been trying to beat Jio on the basis of the new plan for a long time. At the same time, now a report of Open Signal has come out in which it is said that in 4G connectivity, Airtel has been much better than the previous cell and has also come very close to Jio.

The Mobile Experience Report of October 2019 released by Open Signal has revealed Airtel’s 4G availability to be 89.2%. This is 3.6% higher than the previous report.


Open Signal collected data on 4G connectivity and its accessibility from 1 June 2019 to 29 August 2019. The average 4G download speed of Airtel during this period is 9.6Mbps. At the same time, the 4G download speed of Jio was stated to be 6.7Mbps. Apart from this, Vodafone has a speed of 7.9Mbps.

OpenSignal 4G Availability

Live ahead in the 4G network availability

However, Jio is ahead in 4G network availability. Jio’s 4G network availability is 97.8%. On many parameters, Airtel and Vodafone Idea have outperformed Jio. However, in the case of 4G, Jio King still remains.

Opensignal Speed Test

Idea ahead in upload speed

Talking about upload speed, the Idea has been ranked first with 3.2Mbps speed. At the same time, Vodafone’s upload speed is 3.1 and Airtel’s upload speed is 2.4Mbps. Apart from this, Jio is behind both these companies in terms of upload speed. In the report, the upload speed of Jio on the 4G network has been stated as 2.1Mbps.