Asia Bibi Opened Pakistan Poll, Told The Story Of Atrocities

Asia Bibi Accused

Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who spent eight years in a Pakistani prison and then in exile on blasphemy charges, has said that she would like to start her life afresh in an unknown country in Canada. Trying. Referring to his dreams of returning home and the brutalities inflicted on him in prison, he said that I have yet to get true freedom.

In an interview given in Paris to the news agency AFP, he said that I have not traveled to Canada yet. Most of the time, I stay at home. I don’t go out much due to the snowfall and cold here. Actually, Asia Bibi had arrived in France to promote her book ‘Enfin Libre! Finally Free’ in France. She has also helped in writing the book, along with French journalist Anne Isabelle.

Asia Bibi Open Ups

Asia Bibi is unable to speak in the official language of Canada … nor speak English or French. She said that she misses her sisters, brothers, and parents while living in exile in Canada. She hopes that change will happen and one day she will be able to return to Pakistan with her family. He said that I hope so because when I was in jail, I used to think that one day I will definitely be free.

Let us tell you that Asia Bibi accused of blasphemy in the year 2009. In 2010, a Pakistani court sentenced him to death, but in the year 2018, the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted him. The charges were leveled against Asia when she was collecting the Falasa in gardens with Muslim women. According to reports, after working for several hours, a woman asked Asia to fetch water from the well … During this time, Asia drank two to four sips of that water. Muslim women were angry at this. Five days later, police forcibly arrived at Asia’s house and tried on charges of blasphemy.

In her book, Asia Bibi has mentioned the persecution against her in Pakistan. Asia said they kept in chains and other captives made fun of them. He said that I can never condemn the Prophet. But the false accusations that leveled against me were for only one glass of water that I drank. Everything happened for that. Currently, Asia is living in some unknown place in Canada with her husband Aashiq (Ashiq, 58) and daughters Isham (Hisham, 20) and Isha (Eisha, 21).