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Aamir Khan CEAT Tyre Ad Creating Discontent Among Hindus


Aamir Khan Ceat Tyre Ad: CEAT is a tire manufacturing company. There has been controversy regarding one of its advertisements. In this advertisement, actor Aamir Khan is advising people not to burst crackers on the streets. BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde has taken a jibe at this advertisement.

Aamir Khan Ceat Tyre Ad Video

Hegde, a minister in the central government, has claimed dissatisfaction among Hindus with this advertisement. The issue of jamming roads during Namaz and loudspeakers at mosques has also been raised.

What’s in advertising?

The advertisement begins with Aamir Khan. He is carrying firecrackers in both his hands. It is called the pomegranate bomb, sutli bomb, chakarghini. If our team gets rid of sixes today, we will also release firecrackers. But where? inside the society. The road is for driving. Not for lighting firecrackers. Then the people with him say yes on this matter.


A voice comes from behind – one day, we will be wise like this. After this, some people, including Aamir Khan, are seen burning firecrackers on the road. Seeing them, a car driver applies the brakes. And there comes the line of switching on the seat.

What did the BJP MP write in the letter?

Ananth Kumar Hegde is the BJP MP from the Uttara Kannada seat in Karnataka. He has taken a jibe at this advertisement of Aamir Khan. He has written a letter to Anant Vardhan Goenka, MD and CEO of CEAT Company. In this, the BJP MP has described the advertisement as giving a good massage.

At the same time, it was also said that advertisements should be issued regarding not blocking the roads in the name of Namaz and loud noise coming from loudspeakers installed on mosques. Raising the issue of alleged discrimination against Hindus, it has also been said to respect the sentiments of Hindus.


Ananth Kumar Hegde wrote in the letter.

Your company’s recent advertisement in which Aamir Khan advises people not to burst crackers on the streets gives a perfect message. There should be applause for your concern on public issues. In this regard, I request you to solve one more problem the people face on the streets.

Muslims block roads in the name of Namaz on Fridays and other important festivals. This is a ubiquitous sight in many Indian cities, where Muslims block the busy streets. Offer prayers. At that time, vehicles like ambulances and fire brigades also got stuck in the traffic, causing severe damage.

Ananth Kumar Hegde Letter on Aamir Khan Ad


In this letter written on October 14, the BJP MP also raised the issue of noise pollution from mosques. He further reported to the CEO of CEAT,

You should also raise the issue of noise pollution through your advertisement. Every day, in our country, a loud azaan is heard from the mics on the mosques. This sound exceeds the prescribed limit. On Friday, its time increases even more. It creates excellent inconvenience to people suffering from various diseases, resters, working in different establishments and teaching teachers. The list of people suffering from this is very long. Only a few are mentioned here.

Ananth Kumar Hegde further writes in the letter to the CEO of CEAT that

Since you are very keen and sensitive towards the problems faced by the general public. You are also from the Hindu community. I am sure you can feel the discrimination that Hindus have been subjected to for centuries. Nowadays, a group of “anti-Hindu actors” always hurt Hindu sentiments while never trying to expose their community’s wrongdoings.


Hegde has written that I request you to look into this particular incident, where the advertisement of your company has created unrest among Hindus. I hope your organization will respect Hindu sentiments and not hurt them in future. By any means, directly or indirectly.

Outrage on social media

Until the news was written in the letter of BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde, there was no response from the seat company. However, this issue is heating up on social media. Some people are putting that advertisement made on social media. This advertisement has been copied, and Muslims are being told that if they want mutton, chicken biryani, then Namaz will have to be offered at home.

Must study in the mosque. Not on the road. The road is for driving vehicles. Not for praying. At the same time, some people are even talking about boycotting those companies whose advertisements are advertised by Aamir Khan.

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