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Next Generation Mercedes A-Class Hatchback Cars Now In EV Only


Electric vehicles are being seen worldwide as an alternative to fuel-powered vehicles. Automobile companies are also increasing their EV lineup. According to reports, Mercedes-Benz, the world’s well-known car manufacturer, has also prepared to bring its next-generation A-Class hatchback car in electric variants.

In future, users will get Mercedes ‘ A-Class hatchback car only in electric variants; for this, Mercedes-Benz will develop an MMA platform. Under this plan, the company has made preparations to expand its electric vehicle-based EQ series further.

Battery small but range big

The A-Class EV will have a smaller battery than other big cars built using the MMA platform. However, to increase power and performance, the company will try to reduce the weight of the upcoming electric vehicle. At the same time, its aerodynamics efficiency will improve its range. The range of the approaching vehicle will be more than the 422 km range of the current EQA version.


EV in every segment by 2025

The company plans to bring an electric vehicle to each segment by 2025. If we talk about small cars, the company will also offer small car models in electric variants. For this, an EV architecture will be prepared. The Mercedes-Benz EQA crossover is the company’s most miniature model in the electric variant. This is one of the company’s four EV models.

A new platform will be developed.

Mercedes-Benz will develop a new MMA platform to bring electric variants of the hatchback car. This platform will be used to make the lower-slung premium hatchback car. It will be an A-class hatchback car in terms of interior space, which will give tough competition to the Volkswagen ID.3. The upcoming A-Class hatchback will also compete with other vehicles in the range.

A small car will do wonders.

The MMA platform will be developed keeping in mind the electric variants of the small car. Apart from improving the function and performance of the entry-level electric car, this platform will play a significant role in increasing the range. Creating and using this platform is a big step for Mercedes to compete with other electric cars in the market.

Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh
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