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YouTuber Hirak J Das Buy Scooter With A Sack Full Of Coins


YouTuber Hirak J Das Buys Scooter With Coins: An exciting story of Assam buying a scooter is discussed on social media. The man had reached the bike showroom with a sack of coins. He added these coins one by one; these coins were his savings for several months. Let’s know the whole story.

YouTuber Hirak J Das has shared this story on social media. According to this, this person, a shopkeeper by profession, had to buy the scooter of his dreams. For this, he was collecting coins in the piggy bank for months. When the money was collected to buy a scooter, he reached the showroom.

YouTuber Hirak J Das Buys Scooter With Coins

However, how the person reached the showroom to buy the scooter, he had reached the showroom with a sack of coins filled with his savings.


It can be seen in the video that as soon as the person reaches the showroom, the people present there are surprised. Many people are also seen trying to lift his heavy bag full of coins.

The showroom staff kept on counting these coins for a long time. It was told that the person had reached the showroom with coins of 1, 2 and 10 rupees. After paying the money and completing the paperwork, the keys to the scooter were handed over to the owner. A video of this has also been shared on YouTube.

Three people are seen carrying a sack of coins in the viral video. In one place, the coins are kept in a plastic basket. Users are very fond of this video. However, the person’s name has not been mentioned in the viral video.

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