British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Recovering Still In ICU

Boris Johnson Health News

The condition of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson infected with Coronavirus is improving. Although he is still in the ICU, he is now able to sit in bed and interact with medical personnel. UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak gave this information on Wednesday. Ten days later, Prime Minister Johnson admitted to the hospital on Sunday after Corona showed symptoms. However, as the condition did not improve, he had to be admitted to the ICU of St. Thomas Hospital on Monday.

British PM Boris Johnson In ICU

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, who took over as British Prime Minister in place of Boris Johnson. Told that the Prime Minister would soon return healthy. At the same time, the Prime Minister’s Office spokesperson said that the condition of PM is stable. He will remain in the ICU for close monitoring. He is breathing without any assistance and does not need a ventilator yet. Britain’s Health Minister Edward Arger also reiterated the same thing here.

938 Patients Died In One Day In British

On Tuesday, 938 patients of the Coronavirus killed in Britain. In this way, the number of dead in the country has increased to 7,097. However, the Medical Director of the National Health Service. Stephen Powis, says that signs of a decrease in the number of newly infected cases have started. But the citizens of Britain will have to keep following physical distance because if not done then the virus will start spreading again.

Lockdown Will Review Today

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said that Dominic Raab would preside over the Government Response Meeting (COBRA) on Thursday in the absence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The effects of the lockdown will review this. This review will do based on scientific facts and figures. On March 23, Johnson announced a 21-day early semi-lockdown.

The Goal Of One Million Tests Every Day

The UK has set a target to test 100,000 coronavirus every day by the end of April. The British Government has taken this decision after facing criticism for slow working on this issue. The help of private companies will also take in this work. On Tuesday, the Chief Medical Officer of England had asked to learn a lesson from Germany in this context. A UK official also said on Wednesday that the Government was considering withdrawing the money for the “antibody test” kit as the tests were not proven to be true.

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