UK PM Boris Johnson Taken To Intensive Care Unit For COVID-19

PM Boris Johnson News

COVID-19 included in Britain, which is the countries that fight the coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also fallen prey to this. The latest news about UK PM is that he has been admitted to the ICU after his condition worsens. He found to be COVID-19 positive ten days ago, after which he went into isolation. But despite this, the symptoms of the disease did not stop showing, after which it was decided to be admitted first to the hospital and now to the ICU.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson said in a message sent Monday from the hospital that he was excellent. He is continuously in touch with his ministers and is monitoring the situation in the country. Earlier, a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government office 10 Downing Street said, on the advice of doctors, Sunday night Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hospitalized for the test. These are a prudent step because even after ten days, they are showing symptoms of the corona.

Trump wished Johnson a quick recovery: Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has wished Boris Johnson a speedy recovery. At the White House on Sunday, Trump said, all the people of America have prayed for Boris Johnson’s good health. He is a good friend. Along with this, he is a real and great leader.

PM Modi also sent this message: At the same time, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has wished Boris Johnson to get well soon. Prime Minister Modi tweeted, ‘Prime Minister John, hope you get well soon and come out of the hospital.’

UK PM Boris Has Admitted To The ICU After His Condition Worsens. Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi Has Wished Boris To Be Well Soon.

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