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Why Is There a Black Stripe on the Back of the Debit-Credit Card?


Check your credit or debit card. At the back, you will see a long black stripe. Have you ever wondered what is the use of this black stripe on the card of red, white or any other colour? There is also a white stripe just below it but smaller than the black stripe. Three digits are written at the end of the white strip. It can also be in four digits on a bank card. Have you ever noticed these two bars and numbers? If not, then today, we tell you what their work is and why they are made.

Black Stripe on Back of Credit Card or Debit Card

First of all, about the black bar. Usually, this strip is black on all credit or debit cards. On touching, it will feel like an ordinary bandage. But its work is extraordinary. We are primarily aware of CVV ​​CVV. It appears in the number, and this number has to be entered in the online transaction.

That’s why CVV plays the most in our minds. CVV is also known as CSC or Card Security Code, CVC or Card Verification Code, SIN or Card Identification Number or CVV2.


CVV and black bar interconnected

It is essential to know here that CVV and black belt are related to each other, and there is no meaning without each other. That is, CVV will work only when the black bar works. Now the question is, what does the black bardo that helps CVV.

The black stripe is a magnetic strip, which by touching it, will not be known that there is any magnetic feature in it. Every important information related to your debit card is stored in this magnetic strip.

What is its job

As soon as you swipe the card at an ATM or Point of Sale POS machine, that machine takes your information and initiates the transaction. When you put the card in the machine, this information will be fed to the server of that bank that at such a time, in this machine, the transaction of so many rupees has been done.


If this black bar and information are not stored, then any information related to the transaction will not be known. This will create a big problem in front of the bank.

The white stripe below the black bar is for the customer’s signature. This shows that the card belongs to the person in whose name the card is issued. Later, if the signature has to be matched, then the card’s authenticity will be easily known. However, it is not necessary that if someone does not sign on the white strip, then the transaction will not take place. Three or four letters are written at the end of the white stripe.

It is called CVV. This CVV itself is incomplete if it does not have a black stripe attached to it. There are two parts of CVV ​​in which one is a black stripe, and the other is a three-digit number.


CVV acts like a guard

Both the parts of the CVV work in the same way as a guard guards a house. If someone from your guard wants to do a wrong transaction, that transaction will be known from the information entered in the CVV and black bar. Suppose your card is lost and someone got it. If that person wants, he can do the transaction over Wi-Fi.

These days, cards are coming with Wi-Fi enabled, which does not require entering passwords or PINs. As soon as someone swipes from your card, all your data will go to the bank.

A message will come from the bank on your mobile phone. If you have not blocked the card before, then you will block it immediately. If you complain to the bank, then the bank will start an investigation about that fake transaction.


The bank will collect information about fraudulent transactions done with your card because every information related to your debit card is stored in the black bar.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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