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IRCTC Launched Confirmtkt App For Confirm Ticket Booking


Next month is Holi, and summer vacation is also about to start. The chaos in trains has increased on every route. Apart from this, sometimes there is a need to travel suddenly in an emergency. Keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers, Railways has launched the Confirmtkt App.

Tatkal tickets are booked with the help of this app. The unique thing about this app is that you do not have to check availability on different trains. The Tatkal tickets for all trains running on the respective route simultaneously will be available here. Besides the app, confirm ticket booking is also a separate website (https://www.confirmtkt.com/).

Confirmtkt App

Confirmtkt App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Its service is available in many other languages, ​​including Hindi English. After downloading the app, you have to log in with your mobile number or email id. After this, the destination information and travel date have to be selected.


After clicking the search button, you will have complete information about the number of trains running on that route on that particular date. You will have full details on the day you want to travel or which class seat is available, and which train on that day. Here you can book tickets according to your need.

Must have IRCTC account

After deciding which train and class to travel to on the day of travel, you will have to log in with IRCTC user ID if you proceed with booking. If your IRCTC account is not opened, you can create a user ID. After login, a new page will open. Here you get the option to change the station. Apart from this, the information of the passenger is sought. Preference berth information is desired. After filling in all the details, your ticket booking will be confirmed.

Tatkal ticket booking timings from 10 am

The booking of Tatkal tickets of Railways starts at 10 am for the AC coach. At the same time, booking for the sleeper, i.e. non, AC coach, starts from 11 am. Tatkal ticket service starts one day before the journey. To save time during this entire process, the list of passengers should be prepared first.


With the help of Masterlist, you can save the details of all the passengers in advance for whom the ticket booking has to be done. This facility is available on the IRCTC website and mobile app. This facility is available in the My Profile section of the IRCTC account. By doing this, you will save time while booking tickets, and you will get the details of passengers in just one click.

What is Premium Tatkal?

In addition to tatkal for emergencies, the option of booking premium tatkal tickets has also been given. You must be wondering what premium tatkal is and the chances of getting a confirmed ticket in this system? Premium Tatkal is also similar to the traditional Tatkal ticket scheme.

The only difference is that premium tatkal is a dynamic fare. As the seat gets filled in the train, the price of the vacant seat increases. If the seats remain vacant, the fare will be the same as the regular Tatkal. Just like there is a system of fare based on demand in the flight, so is the Premium Tatkal.


How much does the rent cost?

The timing of Premium Tatkal ticket booking is the same as Tatkal’s. The premium Tatkal counter opens at 10 am for AC class and at 11 am for non-AC class. The dynamic fare is held on the same ticket, which is confirmed. This rule is not applicable for waiting. The ticket fare in Premium Tatkal is almost twice that of Standard Tatkal.

It is to be noted here that the premium tatkal quota is not available on every train. Therefore, when you take the premium immediately, find out whether this arrangement is there in it or not. Premium can be charged as Tatkal up to a maximum of Rs 400 from the base fare of the ticket or up to 30% of the base fare.

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