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Gold Silver Jewelry Price Rate Update on 10th April


The Wedding Marriage Season Is Going To Start In The Country In The Coming Few Days. Usually, The Demand For Gold In The Country Increases, And On This Occasion, There Is A Lot Of Possibility For The Price Of Gold To rising. Something Similar Is Happening These Days. From The Beginning Of April, The Price Of Gold Has Been Steadily Increasing. This Month Also Saw A Sharp Rise In The Price Of Gold On The Last Day Of The Second Trading Week, I.E. Friday. However, The Price Of Silver Declined.

Gold Silver Jewelry Price Rate Update

On Friday, The Price Of Gold Was Increased By Rs 97 Per 10 Grams In The Bullion Market. With This, The Price Of Gold Reached The Level Of Rs 46,257 Per 10 Grams. Earlier, It Closed At Rs 46,160 Per 10 Grams On Thursday. Talk About Silver; Its Price Fell By Rs 275 Per Kg On Friday. Silver Fell To Rs 66,253 Per Kg With This Decline. Earlier On Thursday, Silver Had Closed At Rs 66,528.

Currently, Gold Remains At The Level Of Rs 46000 Per 10 Grams. In Such A Situation, If You Want To Invest In Gold Now Or Have To Go Shopping For Weddings In Your Family, Then Gold Is Now 46 Thousand. So This Can Prove To Be The Right Opportunity For You To Buy Gold. In Fact, On April 1, The Spot Price Of Gold In Delhi Was Rs 44,701; on April 5, It Went Up To Rs 44,949, And On April 8, It Was At Rs 46160 Per 10 Grams. On Friday, The Price Of Gold Was Rs 46,257 Per 10 Grams.


In The Midst Of All This, Gold Prices In The International Market Are Currently Soft. In The International Market, Gold Was At $ 1,745 An Ounce On Friday, Silver Was At $ 25.15 An Ounce. According To Experts, Due To The Fall In The Rupee Against The Dollar, Gold Prices In Indian Markets Are Increasing. The Way Corona Infection Cases Are Gaining Momentum. People Are Once Again Trending On Safe Investment In The Form Of Gold.

According To Bullion Market Experts, Once The Corona Epidemic Has Re-Asserted In The Entire World, The Confidence Of Investors Is Once Again Wavering, And They Are Getting Attracted Towards Safe Investment. This Is The Reason Why Gold And Silver Have Been Steadily Increasing Since Holi. Market Experts Say That The Way The Trend Continues In The Last One Week, According To The Trend, Gold Will Soon Be 50 Thousand.

In Terms Of Investment, The Price Of Gold May Be In The Range Of Rs 46,000, But It Is Continuously Increasing. In Such A Situation, If You Invest In Gold, Then You Can Get Good Returns In The Coming Time? When Compared To The All-Time High, Gold Is Still Getting Cheaper By About Rs 10. Significantly, In August 2021, Gold Touched A High Of Rs 56,200 Per 10 Grams.

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