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How to Earn Free Bitcoin in India Without Any Investment?


Today I will tell you what bitcoin is and How to Earn Free Bitcoin in India. Bitcoin is the most expensive digital currency today, and investors are buying it with great interest.

You will be surprised to know that in today’s time, the price of a bitcoin is more than 18 lakhs which was less than 1 rupee a few years ago. That is, if you had taken 13 thousand bitcoins in 2015, then today, its value would have been more than 18 lakhs.

Its demand will increase a lot in the future; that is why we will tell you about bitcoin. And will tell you how to earn bitcoin for free. Read this article carefully till the end.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is stored digitally. We can neither see nor touch it; that is, it has no physical form. We can store it in a digital wallet and keep it.

Satoshi Nakamoro invented Bitcoin on January 3, 2001. We can use it to make international payments, and in today’s time, many people are doing business buying bitcoin at a low price and selling it when the price increases.

  • how to buy and sell bitcoin
  • How to Buy Bitcoin in India

It is not that you have to take at least one bitcoin to keep bitcoin. You can also take bitcoins in Satoshi. Just as a rupee is made from 100 paise, a Bitcoin is made by mixing 10 Crore Satoshi.


How to Earn Bitcoin For Free?

After searching a lot, I found a great way by which you can also earn bitcoin that too from a crypto browser application. Uniquely earn bitcoin. All you have to do is download this application on your phone, and from time to time, only click on the “ Mining Tab ”.

You can easily earn bitcoin on your own. In addition, you can also withdraw bitcoin to your Zebpay wallet.

You can download it from here:- CryptoBrowser


Other Ways to Earn Bitcoins for Free?

Now let’s know how you can earn free bitcoin. You will find information on how to invest in bitcoin here.

1. First of all, go to your phone’s play store and download and install CoinSwitch Kuber App on your phone.

2. After opening the app, enter your mobile number and click on Right Arrow.


3. After that, OTP will come on the mobile number you have filled in; verify your mobile number by filling it in the app.

4. Now, you have to set a four-digit PIN for security like it is for ATMs.

5. After all the procedures, you will get a bitcoin sign up bonus of Rs 50 stored in your wallet.


6. After completing KYC in this app, you get a scratch card which, after scratching, can get bitcoins up to Rs 2000. To complete KYC, you will need to upload an Aadhar card photo, PAN card photo and selfie.

7. After that, when you refer your friend from the link of this app, you and your friend get 50 rupees bitcoins.

In this way, you can earn money by signing up with the CoinSwitch app and referring your friends. But keep in mind that you can do only three referrals in 24 hours. So do only three referrals every day. There is another website from which we can earn bitcoins for free; let’s know.


How to Earn Free Bitcoin From Website

Now let’s know how you can earn Free Bitcoin from the website.

1. First of all, go to Free Bitcoins ( website by clicking here.

2. After opening, create an account on this website by filling in your information (name, email, password, etc.).


3. Confirmation mail will come on the email entered by you while creating the account, by which you have to verify your email.

4. Now, the option of ‘Claim Your Free BTC Coin will come in front of you; click on it.

5. After this, the website is given to you Captcha is to click on after completing ‘Roll The Dice’.


6. Now, some Satoshi Bitcoins will be deposited in your account. Now it depends on your luck that how many Satoshi bitcoins will be deposited in the account.

7. After one hour, you can roll the Dice again and earn Bitcoins for free.

8. In this way, when your account is full of 0.00030000 bitcoins, you can transfer these coins to your CoinSwitch or Zebpay account


There are other games in this app, by playing which you can get free bitcoins. You can also take a ticket in which some lucky people get a lot of bitcoins for free.

Like the Coinswitch app, also you can earn free bitcoins by referring your friends. You get a chance to earn free Bitcoins every hour by rolling Dice and referring your friends.

Other Ways to Earn Money With Bitcoin

Now let’s know what those ways using which you can earn money from bitcoin are.


1. Shop online

While many Internet Sites in products bought Bitcoin If payment this site you also have to Agjanpl cashback Lolli get a website where cashback record as buying instead Bitcoin a product.

This website is not available in India, but soon it will be coming here too.

2. Crypto Interest Account Open

Currently, many crypto investors see Bitcoin as a significant investment in the future, so you can also open a crypto interest account.


By which your cryptocurrency helps you to get bitcoin as interest. There are some companies in the market where you get a stake of up to 8% annually on opening a crypto account, so in this way, bitcoin can become a great way to earn.

3. Earn Free Bitcoin by Participating in Surveys

You can earn free bitcoin by participating in the survey given by the market research company. There are many such companies in the market, one of which is TimeBucks.

OnYouan creates your free account on this site, and then you can see how much payout you get in which survey.


The more surveys you complete here, the more you will be able to earn bitcoin. Different surveys have different payouts, so the more surveys you conduct, the more bitcoin you will make.

What did you learn today?

So in these ways, you can earn bitcoins for free. Friends, there is a lot of demand for it in today’s time, and it is going to increase even more in future, so keep Bitcoins with you. I hope you liked this article “ How to earn bitcoin for free ”.

If you like the above information, then definitely share this post with your friends.


And if you face any problem in the whole process, then comment below so that we can solve your problem.

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