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Liquor Shop License Will Become Expensive In UP From April 1


Liquor Shop License Expensive In UP: The Uttar Pradesh government has announced the annual excise policy for 2022-23. From April 1, 2022, getting a license for a new liquor shop in UP will become expensive. At the same time, the prices of country liquor will decrease in the state. The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to increase the license fee by 7.5 per cent for all liquor shops in the next financial year. With this step, the state government will get additional annual revenue of Rs 41,000 crore.

Liquor Shop License Expensive In UP

The new excise policy 2022-23 also includes an increase in the license fee and security of FL-1. It also includes FL-1A license of distilleries, processing fee, renewal fee, license fee and deposit. There has also been an increase in the registration fee and renewal fee of the master warehouse, but no change has been made in the license fee of the bar.

Country liquor will be cheaper.

The UP government has decided to remove the COVID Cases on country liquor. With the removal of the COVID cess, the price of country liquor is expected to fall by Rs. However, if COVID is notified in the state again after March, the cess will automatically be applicable from the notification date. The price of all other varieties of liquor will remain unchanged.


Along with this, people will get good quality country liquor. It will be sold in glass bottles. The government has not changed the opening and closing timings of liquor shops in UP. A new price has been fixed for the pot of country liquor.

The license fee for keeping liquor at home was also reduced

In UP, a person can store more than 26.5 litres at his home. However, this requires a license. The government has cut the personal home license fee from Rs 12,000 to Rs 11,000. Apart from this, the security fee has also been reduced from Rs 51,000 to Rs 25,000. The UP government has not increased the bar license fee.

Liquor will be made from paddy, maize and potato.

Liquor will be made from fruits grown in Uttar Pradesh like Dussehri Mango of Lucknow. Apart from this, wheat and barley used in the manufacture of beer will be procured from within the state. Beer will be produced at three places, including Barabanki and Mirzapur. Initiatives have also been taken to make liquor from paddy, maize and potato.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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