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Petrol Diesel Price Remain Constant For The 11th Consecutive Day


Petrol Diesel Price: Relief Is Good News For The Common Man. Government Oil Companies Have Not Made Any Changes In The Prices Of Petrol And Diesel For The 10th Consecutive Day Today. Even Today, The Prices Of Petrol And Diesel Remained Stable. Earlier, On March 30, There Was A Change In The Price Of Petrol And Diesel. Petrol Was Cheaper By 22 Paise And Diesel By 23 Paise That Day. Earlier, On March 24 And 25, Petrol And Diesel Became Cheaper. Petrol Became Cheaper By 61 Paise And Diesel By 60 Paise Per Liter In These Three Days.

Petrol Diesel Price Today

Once Again, There Is A Downward Trend In The Price Of Crude Oil In The International Market. In Such A Situation, It Is Expected That Petrol And Diesel May Become Cheaper In The Domestic Market In The Coming Days.

At Present, The Price Of Petrol In Delhi Is Rs 90.56 While The Price Of Diesel Is Rs 80.87 Per Liter. In Mumbai, The Price Of Petrol Is Rs 96.98, And The Price Of Diesel Is Rs 87.96 Per Liter. Similarly, The Price Of Petrol In Kolkata Is Rs. 90.77 Per Liter, While The Price Of Diesel Is Rs. 83.75, While In Chennai, The Price Of Petrol Is Rs. 92.58 And The Price Of Diesel Is Rs. 85.88 Per Liter.


Know Which Rates Are Being Sold In Petrol And Diesel In Which City

  1. Petrol In Delhi Is Rs 90.56, And Diesel Is Rs 80.87 Per Liter.
  2. Petrol In Mumbai Is Rs 96.98, And Diesel Is Rs 87.96 Per Liter.
  3. Petrol In Kolkata Is Rs 90.77, And Diesel Is Rs 83.75 Per Liter.
  4. Petrol In Chennai Is Rs 92.58, And Diesel Is Rs 85.88 Per Liter.
  5. Petrol In Bangalore Is Rs 93.59, And Diesel Is Rs 85.75 Per Liter.
  6. Petrol In Chandigarh Is Rs 87.14, And Diesel Is Rs 80.57 Per Liter.
  7. Petrol In Bhopal Is Rs 98.58, And Diesel Is Rs 89.13 Per Liter.
  8. Petrol In Patna Is Rs 92.89, And Diesel Is Rs 86.12 Per Liter.
  9. Petrol In Lucknow Is Rs 88.85, And Diesel Is Rs 81.27 Per Liter.
  10. Petrol In Noida Is Rs 88.91, And Diesel Is Rs 81.33 Per Liter.

It Is Worth Mentioning That From 10 February To 26 February Last Month, Domestic Oil Companies Increased The Price Of Petrol And Diesel By About Rs 4 To 5 Per Liter. But, After February 26, The Price Of Crude Has Gone Up By More Than $ 8, But During This Period, Only On February 27 Has Increased Only Marginally.

Know The Price Of Petrol And Diesel In Your City Like This

Let Us Know That The Prices Of Petrol And Diesel Change Daily And Are Updated At 6 Am. You Can Also Know The Daily Rate Of Petrol And Diesel Through SMS. Indian Oil Customers Can Get Information By Sending The City Code With RSP To 9292992249, And BPCL Consumers Can Send Information To 9223112222 By Writing RSP. At The Same Time, HPCL Consumers Can Know The Price By Writing To HPPrice And Sending It To Number 9222201122.

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