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Raj Kundra Net Worth: He is the Owner of Property Worth 2900 Crores


The property cell of the Mumbai Crime Branch has arrested Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra is a well-known businessman of the country and is the husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Raj Kundra is accused of making and circulating pornographic films. In this regard, Mumbai Police had filed a case in February this year in connection with which Raj Kundra has been arrested.

Raj Kundra Net Worth 2021

Mumbai Police says that so far, nine people have been arrested in this case. Since Raj Kundra is a prominent personality in the business world, people are interested in his ‘net worth’. People are often interested in getting information about the earnings of celebrities. Let us know what Raj Kundra does and how much he earns, and how much property.

First of all, some interesting aspects related to his life. Raj Kundra may be a college dropout, but he never ‘dropped’ anything in the business world. In business, he keeps on waving his flag continuously. He is one of the Anglo-Asian businessmen and has been counted in the world’s prosperous community. It is said about him that he started business from the time of school. More than studies, he had the urge to travel the country and the world and learn business tricks.


Started work with shawl business

Raj Kundra first liked the business of pashmina shawls in Nepal, and he got engrossed in it. Since he was a businessman, he was already acquainted with well-known celebrities of India. Raj Kundra took full advantage of this and started selling pashmina shawls to stars. A decade passed by, and Raj Kundra mastered this type of business. With this, he operated his mind and started business in many countries under the guise of this business.

Born in London, they started a business in India.

Raj Kundra may have been born in 1975 in London, UK, but his ancestral affiliation has been entirely from Punjab. His father Bal Krishna Kundra first lived in Ludhiana, but later, when Raj Kundra’s business spread, he also moved to London. It is said that Raj Kundra’s father worked as a conductor in Ludhiana and later started his business. Following his father’s footsteps, Raj Kundra also started a business, and soon, he became king in Britain and Dubai, including India. Now let’s know about his earnings.

Raj Kundra Business in the in-sector

Raj Kundra’s business is spread across steel plants, the fashion industry, real estate, construction, forex investment and other sectors. A report by https://starsnetworth.in/raj-kundra-net-worth/ states that Raj Kundra earns around $100 million in a year. His earnings are shocking, and his wife is more than Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.


This is why once Raj Kundra has got a place among the wealthy people in the list of SUCCESS. Raj Kundra has been ranked 198th in the list of Richest British Asians. According to an estimate, the net worth (can say total assets) of Raj Kundra in the year 2021 is around Rs 2800 crores. In US dollars, it is close to 400 million.

So is the total assets

The starsnetworth. website states that there is a net worth of 2300 crores in 2017, 2350 crores in 2019, 2500 crores in 2020 and 2900 crores in the year 2021. In 2021, Raj Kundra keeps his name among the top class British Asian business people. Apart from these businesses, he has investments in some companies from where good income is reported.

Raj Kundra has been buying and sponsoring sports and athlete teams and other Bollywood celebrities, which earns good money. If all these types of businesses are combined, then the net worth of Raj Kundra is said to be Rs 2900 crores.

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