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Why is Reject Zomato Trending on Twitter? What did Zomato Said


Reject Zomato Trending on Twitter: The name of the online food portal Zomato is now in an uproar. The uproar is that Zomato’s customer service officer told a customer that everyone should know Hindi. Enough. The name of Zomato has come in the age-old debate of imposition of Hindi.

People said that this arbitrariness of Zomato would not be tolerated in Tamil Nadu. The tweet started tweeting and seeing #Reject_zomato trending. Zomato also tried to resolve the complaint. But Trendhe t is Trend. It’s just a walk. So first of all, know what the matter is?

Vikas’s tweet and then the Trend started.

The uproar on Zomato started with a tweet by a user Vikas. Vikas tweeted on the evening of October 18,


“I ordered food from Zomato, and it was missing one item. Customer care is saying that the money cannot be refunded because I do not know Hindi. This lesson is also being taught from above that if you are an Indian, then you should know Hindi. I am being called a liar because he does not know Tamil. This is no way to talk to the customer.”

In this tweet, the user has put screenshots of his chat. The conversation in which it is revealed that when the customer, while talking on the discussion, said that there was a shortage of goods, the customer service officer was asked to speak to the restaurant.

After this, the service officer said that he was talking to the restaurant himself, but he could not understand anything because of the language. Vikas said that when Zomato is providing service in Tamil Nadu, it should hire people who understand Tamil. On this, the chatter on behalf of Zomato is seen saying that.


“For your information, let me tell you that Hindi is our national language. That’s why everyone should know at least some Hindi.

A screenshot of this answer was posted on Twitter. The uproar escalated. The tweets quickly went viral. By the time the news was written, there were more than 5 thousand likes and more than 2700 comments on this tweet.

Reject Zomato Trending on Twitter

People expressed their displeasure over this behaviour of the Zomato customer care agent. Termed it as excess and advised coming out of this illusion that India has only one national language. A user Sharan from Tamil Nadu, wrote,


“Dear Zomato, tell your staff to learn Tamil if they want to run their business here. It is awful that the customer is being asked to learn Hindi, which is not even our national language. Apologies for this or be prepared for massive app uninstallation.”

Yogesh tweeted

“If you are doing business in Tamil Nadu, then you must learn the Tamil language. If you can’t do this, then go out of state. Which idiot has taught that Hindi is the national language.”


Prashant tweeted

“Zomato, this is one way to interact with the customer. You think that I should go and learn a little Hindi in class before ordering food. First of all, tell me who said that Hindi is the national language. “


Sanjay Sanathkumar tweeted

“Don’t try to impose Hindi, Zomato. You send notifications in the local language, but do we have to learn Hindi for service?

What does Zomato have to say on this? There was so much uproar on Twitter that soon, Zomato understood the importance of the matter. On October 19, Zomato apologized for the behaviour of its customer care agent. Along with this, Zomato also released its official statement on the subject. Also made an appeal that please do not reject Zomato. In its official statement, Zomato has written that.

“Vanakkam Tamil Nadu, we are saddened by the behaviour of our customer care agent. We have terminated that agent. This termination is by our Terms of Service. The agent’s behaviour is against the principles and sensibility that we train our agents from time to time. Statements from this customer care agent do not reflect the company’s views on food and language.


We are also making a Tamil version of the app in Zomato. We have already started talking in the local language in the market. For this, we have signed Anirudh Ravichandra as the brand ambassador. We understand that food and language are the primary identities of the culture of any region. We are very sensitive about both of them.”

The founder of Zomato also entered the fray.

Deepinder Goyal tweeted hours after Zomato’s official apology and tweet terminating the customer care agent. In this, he raised questions on this entire ruckus. He called the customer care agent’s reply an innocent mistake. He made four tweets about this incident. In which it was written.


“An innocent mistake by someone in the support centre of a food delivery company becomes a national issue. The level of tolerance in our country should be higher than this. Whose fault is this? Along with this, we are reinstating the customer service agent. This is not a case for which he should have been fired. This is something that she can quickly learn and improve further.

And remember, our call centre agents are young people who are just beginning their careers and learning. They are not experts insensitivity to languages ​​and regional sentiments. Well, that’s not me either. Despite all this, we should be more tolerant of each other’s shortcomings and respect each other’s language and regional feelings. Tamil Nadu We love you the same way we do the whole country. Neither more nor less. We are as similar as we are from each other.”

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