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Reliance Clarifies on the News of Mukesh Ambani New House in London


Reliance Mukesh Ambani New Home in London: Owner of Reliance Industries Limited. Recently he bought the property in London. After this news came that Mukesh Ambani, along with his family, can shift here. After a newspaper report, there was speculation that Asia’s most prosperous businessman Mukesh Ambani and his family settled in London. However, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has denied this by issuing a statement.

What did Reliance say?

In the late evening of Friday, 5 November, Reliance Industries Limited issued a statement saying-

A baseless report has been published in a newspaper. It has been said that the Ambani family is going to settle in Stoke Park, London. We want to make it clear that the chairman or his family has no such plans. They are not planning to settle in London or any other part of the world.


The statement further said,

Reliance Group’s company RIIHL has bought the property in Stoke Park. This heritage property will be used for golfing and other sports. For this, local rules and guidelines will be followed. This property has been acquired, given the fast-growing consumer business. We want to give world-class recognition to the culture that India hosts.

This statement from Reliance came after the news published in Mid Day newspaper, in which it was being claimed that Ambani may settle in London with his family.


What did the newspaper say?

According to the news published in the English newspaper Mid Day, Mukesh Ambani and his family may soon shift to a new house in London. The newspaper wrote,

Ambani can move to a new house in April next year. It is learned that a temple has also been established in the new house, for which two priests will be taken from Mumbai. For the past two months, there was speculation about the family’s absence at their Mumbai home, but it is now confirmed that the family is busy decorating their new home.

Mukesh Ambani’s family celebrated this year’s Diwali at their new house in London. Mukesh Ambani’s family was constantly out of Mumbai for two-and-a-half months, so these speculations were also being made.


How is Ambani’s new house?

Reliance Industries Limited has bought a property in Stoke Park, London, for Rs 592 crore. It has 49 rooms. London’s Stoke Park is more than 100 years old. It was developed as a private property in 1908, which was later made a country club. James Bond films have also been shot here.

Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire
Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire.

Before Ambani bought it, a 5-star luxury hotel, spa, golf club and country club operated here. Now it is being designed like a house.

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