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Sprite Bottle: Why Is The Colour Of The Sprite Bottle Being Changed After 61 Years When It Will Remain In Plastic?


The American Coca-Cola Company has made preparations to change the colour of its Sprite’s green bottle. Soon its colour will also appear as transparent as other bottles in India. Sprite was first introduced in the world in 1961; since then, the colour of its bottle has remained green. The company says that it will not sell the green coloured bottle of Sprite on the market from August 1. Not just Sprite, other drinking products will also be offered in transparent bottles.

The company claims that it is changing its colour to protect the environment. In such a situation, the question arises, the bottle will remain plastic, then how much will change by changing the colour?

Why is the bottle transparent?

The company says that the introduction of Sprite in the new bottle will start in North America. After this, it will be transported to other countries of the world. At present, the green colour of the Sprite bottle has become its identity. It is so popular worldwide that it has become the world’s third most consumed soft drink. At the same time, Coca-Cola is the company’s second best-selling drink.


According to a Business Insider report, there is a big reason behind the change in the colour of the bottle. Green bottles are more harmful to the environment because they can be recycled, but other transparent bottles cannot be made from them. Therefore, such bottle waste is increasing, harming the environment.

After introducing Sprite in transparent bottles, it will be easy to recycle them, and the increasing waste in the country and the world can be reduced. This is because recycling becomes challenging when colour is added to plastic products. This is the reason why companies do not show interest in recycling them.

They can’t even make money by selling them.

To understand in simple language, separating such bottles takes a lot of time when they are collected in the garbage. At the same time, recycling other transparent bottles in one go is easy, so this exercise is also being done. One of the reasons for this is that there are no products with green bottles in the market, so even if they are recycled to make other green bottles, they have no buyer. That is why even money cannot be earned by selling them.


Part of Coca-Cola’s Initiative

This company’s move is also part of its first ‘World without West’, which started in 2018. The company has set a target as part of its initiative that by 2030, it will collect and recycle every bottle that can be sold.

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