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What is Ticker Tape and Who Invented Ticker Tape?


What is Ticker Tape? Whenever we see news of a stock market, we must have noticed that many such as the price of stocks, costs of securities data is run at the bottom or top of the television screen. All the information related to stores is told in these running strips, and it is shown in red and green. Stocks with a profit have a green colour, whereas stocks with a loss have a red or red colour. This lets investors know which stocks can be invested in and which are not. By the way, do you know what these running strips are called? The simple answer is Ticker Tape.

This was a little information to understand Ticker Tape, but if you want to answer questions like Ticker Tape, who invented it, where is it used, then what is today’s Ticker Tape? The Must-read Because today we will get information about many topics like Tape Ticker, Stock Ticker. Then without delay, let’s start and know what this Ticker Tape is.

What is Ticker Tape

A Ticker Tape is a device that shows stock symbols and numbers to convey information about trades. If we think about today’s Ticker Tape, it is electronic, but it got its name due to the ticking sound of the old Ticker Tape, the sound used by the original mechanical machine, which consisted of long, narrow pieces of paper. It was used on which stock quotes were printed.


History of Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape was the first digital electronic communications medium in which stock price information transmitted via telegraph lines and was used from 1870 to 1970. It consisted of a paper strip used in a machine called a stock ticker. According to alphabetic symbols, the company name was written in abbreviated form, followed by numeric stock transaction price and volume information. The word “ticker” refers to the sound that the machine used to produce when printing something.

Paper Ticker Tape gradually became obsolete (disappearing) in the 1960s, as television and computers were used more to transmit financial information. Therapy of this ticker tape settled in these stock ticker, and today, when we were scrolling, electronic tickers can be seen in brokerage walls or news and financial television channels. They remind us of the old mechanical tape.

The technology used in Ticker Tape

If we talk about stock ticker machines, then this is modern is the ancestor of the computer printer, in which the text was first transmitted with the help of a wire to a printing device, which is based on the printing telegraph. It used the technology of telegraph machines back then, but it also had the advantage that its output was readable text, instead of dots and dashes as in Morse code.


A special typewriter was designed for operation, where telegraph wires were used at the opposite end of the telegraph wire connection and connected with a ticker machine. Whenever a text type was used in a typewriter, it is displayed in the ticker machine, located at the other end of the connection.

These machines are a series of ticker symbols (which were usually shortened forms of all company names), followed by some of their brief information about the price of that company’s stock; And the thin strip of paper used in which it was printed is called Ticker Tape. A typical 32-symbol letter wheel had to turn about 15 steps on average until the following letter was published, which caused a plodding printing speed, such as a character per second.

What is Stock Ticker

A stock ticker is called a report in which various stock exchanges continuously update the price of some stocks and securities throughout the trading session. In this, a ” tick ” means any price change, whether the difference is up or down. A stock ticker automatically displays these ticks, containing other relevant information, such as volume, so that investors are aware of the current market conditions.


A limited number of stocks appear in the stock ticker in a particular period because many stocks are trading at a time. In the stock ticker, only those stocks are the ones that have the most change in the previous day’s trading session and whose highest volume appears.

Who invented Stock Ticker?

The first telegraphic Ticker Tape was invented in 1867 by Edward Calahan, an employee of the American Telegraph Company. At the same time, after four years, Thomas Edison further improved Calahan’s invention and registered a patent in his name. Mechanical tickers were printed on paper to make the flow of information more efficient.


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