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America’s Green Card Will Be Easy To Get, Indians Will Benefit More


America is going to modernize its H-1B visa system. With this, while startup companies can hire foreign people, getting a green card quickly will also be more accessible than before. Indian people are going to benefit the most from this.

This is the plan of the US Department of Home Affairs.

The US Department of Homeland has proposed to make several changes to the H-1B Visa Rules. This is part of its regulatory plan for 2023. The H-1B visa to the US is a non-immigrant visa which American companies use for outsourcing. Many Indian companies and professionals work in American companies based on this visa. Therefore, any change in the rules of this visa affects Indians on a large scale.

It will be easier to get a job in a US startup.

According to the new proposal, the US Home Ministry wants to modify the rules defining the relationship between the employer and the employee. According to the news of TOI, this will make it easier for startup companies to outsource their work. However, along with this, the ministry will also fix checkpoints for this visa in many ways so that it cannot be misused. According to the new proposal, new guidelines will also have to be followed for site visits.


The process of getting a green card will be easy.

Along with this, there is a proposal to make changes in Form I-485 of the ministry. H-1B visa holder workers apply for this form to get a green card in the US. According to the ministry’s proposal, the new rules will reduce the time taken to get a green card. This will be very beneficial for the people of the Indian community.

These new rules related to the H-1B visa were earlier to be published in December 2021, but now it has been extended till May 2023. From the publication of new visa rules to their implementation, there is a long process, and it takes a lot of time. The government of former US President Donald Trump had done the work of putting a cap on these visas.

Shubham Dubey
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