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Power Crisis: Tension Rises In Pakistan, Ban On Marriage After 10 PM


The condition of Pakistan is getting thinner day by day. Despite the new government taking over, Pakistan’s achche din does not seem to be coming. Trapped in an economic crisis, Pakistan is now facing a shortage of electricity and fuel. People are facing power cuts for several hours. At present, the electricity demand is high due to the heat. The government has started an exercise to save electricity. Measures like a ban on marriage ceremony after 10 pm reduction in official working days have been taken.

At present, there is a severe power crisis in Pakistan. Due to this, the wedding ceremony has been banned in Islamabad’s capital after 10 pm. This decree came into effect on June 8. There are also reports that guests will be allowed to serve only one dish at the wedding. The ban on the wedding ceremony in Islamabad has been imposed on the instructions of Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz Sharif. Strict action will be taken against those who do not follow this.

Markets will not be able to open after 8.30 pm.

Apart from this, markets will not be able to open after 8.30 pm across the country. Pakistan has reduced the official working days from 6 to 5 again. Offices have been asked to work from home. The government believes that this can reduce the consumption of electricity.


Pakistan produces 22,000 MW of electricity, while its requirement is 26 thousand MW. In this sense, there is a shortfall of about 4,000 MW.

Forex reserves fall

Long queues have also been seen at petrol pumps for fuel in Pakistan. The Prime Minister says Pakistan does not have enough money to buy oil and gas. According to the State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen drastically. During the week ended May 6, foreign reserves fell by $190 million to $10.3 billion. Looking at the condition of Pakistan, it is feared that its fate may not be like that of Sri Lanka.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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