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What is Blockchain Technology, and How Does Blockchain Work?


After all, what is Blockchain (What is Blockchain Technology)? Recently, Bitcoin has been in the headlines for a long time. There has been a lot of hope among people about bitcoin because the price of bitcoin is increasing day by day.

But do you want to know what the technology is behind Bitcoin? If yes, then you will like what this Post Blockchain technology is. Because Bitcoin is related to Blockchain, so you have to know about Blockchain, how it works.

Now the question arises that do you know what Blockchain Technology is? Why is it important to know about it?


Blockchain technology is about to transform our IT industry the way open-source software did a decade ago. And how Linux has been the core of modern application development for almost a decade, in the same way, that Blockchain is also going to be a great way to share information in the coming times, which will be low cost and easily implemented. There is between open and private networks.

But there was a lot of hype about Blockchain technology because they felt that it could completely change our future technology. This thing is also true to a great extent, but speaking like this will not make sense. Instead, we have to understand Blockchain technology entirely and think about its different aspects; somewhere else, we can think of it better than Mehjuda technology. Can speak.

The pace of adoption of Blockchain is indeed languid, but technology experts believe that this speed will increase gradually in the coming time, which is good news for us. In future, this technology is going to change the whole world.


So today, I thought that why not provide complete information about this new Blockchain technology to you people so that you will be able to understand it easily. Then without delay, let’s start and understand what Blockchain is.

What is Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital ledger. But do you know what a ledger is? Ledger is a book that maintains such accounts where debits and credits transactions are posted from the book where the original entry is. Or rather say that the entries from the original text are updated in this ledger.

We can say that a blockchain is a digitised, decentralised, public ledger.


Understand Blockchain Technology in simple words

Let’s say you have a file of transactions (a ” node “) which is your computer (a ” ledger “). Two government accountants (which we call ” miners “) also have the same file in their system (hence they are ” distributed “). As soon as you make a transaction, your computer e-mails both of those accountants to inform them.

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Every accountant wants to check as soon as possible whether you can afford it or not (and in return, they can get their salary which is “Bitcoins” or not).

Whichever of these two checks first and finally validates it and presses “REPLY ALL” while with this, he also attaches his logic to verify that transaction, and it is called “Proof of Work”. is reached.


If, in the meantime, if that other accountant also agrees, then everyone updates their files of transactions. This whole process or concept is called “ Blockchain” technology.

Therefore blockchain is such an incorruptible digital ledger of transactions that is programmed to record virtually everything. All the list of records that are in the blockchain is called “block”. Therefore this blockchain is always a continuously growing list of documents that are linked and secured.

Who Invented Blockchain Technology?

According to his public transaction ledger, blockchain technology was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 so that he can do it in the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The main objective of Satoshi Nakamoto behind doing all this was that he wanted to create a decentralised Bitcoin ledger—the blockchain—that gives people the ability to control their money so that no third party, or any one government, this money too could not access or monitor.


Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, suddenly disappeared in 2011, leaving behind this open-source software that Bitcoin users can use and update and improve.

Many believe that this is not a person named Satoshi Nakamoto; it is just a fictional character. By the way, the correct information is not available to anyone about its veracity.

The invention of the blockchain for bitcoin is the first digital currency that can solve the double-spending problem without the help of any trusted central authority or central server. That is why this Blockchain Technology has also been the inspiration of many other applications.


Why should we know about Blockchain?

There are three main reasons why we should know about Blockchain:

1. There is no need for Blockchain technology to existing publicly. It can also exist privately – where nodes will point into a single private network, and the Blockchain will act as a distributed ledger.

Financial institutions are under a lot of pressure as they have to demonstrate regulatory compliance, and hence many institutions are doing Blockchain implementations. Secure solutions such as Blockchain can become a vast and essential building block to reduce compliance costs.


2. Block-chain technology has more reach than finance. It can be applied in any multi-step transaction where traceability and visibility are required. The supply chain is a notable case where Blockchain can manage leverage and audit sign contracts and product provenance.

Along with this, it can also be used in voting platforms for titles and deed management. As the digital and physical worlds are converging, the practical applications of Blockchain are also increasing slowly.

3. The exponential and disruptive growth of Blockchain can only come when public and private Blockchains converge together in an ecosystem where firms, customers and suppliers can collaborate in a secure, auditable and virtual way.


How Secure is Blockchain?

Nothing is secure on the internet; on the other hand, if we talk about Blockchain technology, then it is ” unhackable ” to a great extent compared to the rest of the technology. To do any transaction in Blockchain, all the nodes of the entire network will have to agree; only then that transaction will be valid. Here no single entity can say whether the transaction has taken place or not.

To hack it, you will not have to hack only one system like a bank, but all the systems located in the whole network will have to be hacked, so hacking is not an easy thing in this technology.

The computing resources of almost all blockchains are tremendous because there is not a single computer here, but there are many computers connected to the network.


The email was for the Internet like Bitcoin was for Blockchain.

In the 1990s, when internet technology ( TCP/IP or HTTP ) was in its native stages, email was an extensive and first significant application. But later, new applications like web browsers came. Websites then became very popular.

People then used a lot of chat software such as Skype. If we consider now, you can see many different applications running on your mobile, using the Internet.

Similarly, when blockchain technology came a new time, bitcoin was the first significant application like email, which used this technology. Other cryptocurrencies followed this trend later. Blockchain technology is used in many applications such as security; It is used in online voting etc.


Internet Technology vs Blockchain Technology

If we talk about both technology, the Internet allows computers to exchange information; Whereas Blockchain will enable computers to record data.

Both use many computers ( nodes ).

Let us know something new about the Internet and Blockchain.

The first generation of the Digital Revolution brought us the Internet of Information. Whereas the second generation — powered by blockchain technology — presented us with the Internet of Value: a new platform that will reshape the world of business and make the old order of human affairs even better.


Blockchain is such a vast, global distributed ledger and database which is running continuously on millions of devices, and it is open to anyone, here not only information but anything which has some value like money, titles, deeds, identities, even votes — these can be moved, stored and managed securely and privately.

Here mass collaboration is needed to establish trust and some clever code to implement it, whereas, in old ways, powerful intermediaries like governments and banks are required.

That’s why we can say that We make blockchain technology, works for us, and control it, which makes it very secure and reliable.


The Technology Behind Blockchain Technology

The leading technology behind Blockchain is mainly the three technologies given below.
1. Private Key Cryptography
2.  P2P Network (Peer-2-Peer)
3.  Program (the blockchain’s protocol)

Why do we need blockchain technology?

Blockchain is such a mechanism that helps all of us to reach our highest degree of accountability. Now there will be no more missed transactions, human and machine errors will be reduced, the consent of any third party or government is not necessary behind all these transactions, but only trust or secure validation of all connected nodes matters.

The most critical area where Blockchain helps us guarantees the validity of a transaction by recording them. It is not being done in just one main register but the registers of all the distributed systems connected in the network, in all these registers. Transaction will be called valid only after there is secure validation.


The applications of Blockchain technology in the future in the following areas:

1.   Smart contracts – Any industry, if it heavily depends on contracts, such as insurance, financial institutions, real estate, construction, entertainment, and law, all those industries will be benefitted from this technology.

Because with the help of this technology, all your contracts can be updated, managed, tracked and secured without any dispute. Smart contracts are embedded with if/then statements and do not require the involvement of an intermediary party to execute.

2.   Supply chain management – Blockchain is a great option to manage all these processes whenever the value changes or the status of an asset changes.


3.   Asset protection – Whether you are a musician who wants to get the royalties of your songs properly or you are a property owner, if you’re going to protect your assets, then blockchain technology can help you a lot in real-time By creating an entire record of ownership.

4.   Personal Identification – Governments often of many amounts data from personal data birth like you manage to death records, marriage certificates, passports and census data, etc. Blockchain technology can easily manage all these data according to the streamlined solution and can store them securely.

5.   Payment processing – The speciality of Blockchain is that it can easily handle the payment processing of any big company. This can eliminate the need for intermediaries that we often see in payment processing.


6.   Crowdfunding – Compared to traditional crowdfunding, a blockchain-powered crowdfunding campaign has a more secure investment from an interested community for a new project. But in such an instance, the funding will be mainly in the form of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Real-life Applications Blockchain Technology का

Now you must have understood the basic concept of this technology, so let us now know where they are used in real-life applications.

1.  Follow My Vote: It wants to change the way we vote and become the first open-source online voting solution globally.


2.  Arcade City: – This is an accurate decentralised ridesharing service known as the ‘Uber killer’.

3.   ShoCard: – It stores your identity in Bitcoin’s blockchain so that you can be easily verified.

4.  Symbiont: – It provides better innovative securities in Blockchain.


5.  Bitnation: This is a “Governance 2.0” initiative that seeks to establish DoItYourself governance by working with a collaborative platform.

6.  ChainLink: It uses blockchain technology to verify and validate the authenticity and title of real-world items.

What is Public and Private Blockchains, and what is the difference between them

Although there are many varieties of Blockchain, all of them mainly fall into two categories – public or private. Public blockchains allow anyone to view and send transactions as long as they are part of this consensus process.


These are also consortium blockchains, where only specific pre-selected nodes are authorised to use the ledger. For example, a group of banks and their clearinghouses use blockchain to be a part of trade clearing, where each node is associated with some step in the verification process.

In private blockchains, in contrast, a distributed ledger puts restrictions in writing to any group of employees who work in that organisation. Along with this, there are other restrictions on it.

In addition, the blockchain – due to its self-policing security – eliminates a large amount of existing record-keeping, which becomes very confusing when multiple parties are involved in the same transaction.


Blockchain Technology – Opportunities and Advantages

  • This blockchain helps our intelligent devices to communicate with each other so that they can communicate better.
  • Blockchain solves the problem of manipulation. This brings everything to the level of their highest degree of accountability.
  • It makes online identity and reputation decentralised so that we can own our data ourselves.
  • Cryptocurrencies distribute the ability to control the value of currencies from the hands of the government to the general public so that now no one will have a hand over the value of coins.
  • In an informal economy, the blockchain protects us from the middleman so that the asset can be exchanged quickly and freely.
  • With the help of Blockchain technology, many issues related to freedom, jurisdiction, censorship, and regulation can be addressed correctly and smoothly.
  • With Blockchain-based systems, there is no need to keep any more intermediaries. Still, records and transfer of assets can be taken care of quickly, due to which the transaction speed increases.
  • Data once entered in the blockchain become immutable, which can no longer be changed in any way, which reduces the chances of fraud to a great extent. Apart from this, the transactions are apparent, which can be quickly investigated and audited later.

Blockchain Technology – Criticisms and Challenges

Although Tapa Blockchain Technology has many advantages, still it also has some drawbacks about which let’s know.

Requires a lot of power: The operation of these blockchains involves a lot of computing power, due to which the need for electricity is very high. If we look at today’s climate change situation, it is not so easy to favour any developing country because they have their own needs. That’s why it is valid only for developed nations.

Security of private key: This private key should always be kept secret because if third parties came to know about them, then it was such a thing that you have given control of all your bitcoin in their hands. Apart from this, the private key should be backed up and protected from accidental loss because if it is lost once, then no one else can recover these funds, and they will be lost forever.


Transaction speed: Transaction speed can also become a problem. Because we know that verifying the blocks in the chain is very important for the security of the distributed network, and it takes a lot of time to do so.

My opinion about Blockchain

Blockchain can become an essential part of our financial and technological digital future. This ‘blockchain’ technology that lies behind bitcoin has proved how powerful this technology is, and it can create a new world of technology.

This in itself is a big thing like the internet. This wave of innovation can keep familiar people like us away from these financial complexities. With this, it can free us to exchange goods and services with anyone in the world not to have to go through these other corporate intermediaries.


It can radically decentralise our entire society and save us from banks, governments, companies, and politicians. This in itself can bring a massive digital revolution. We need to understand it and understand it and explain it to others.

Future of Blockchain

You must have understood the usefulness of Blockchain and how it can be used in all our work. Our thinking about this information has been changed, how and where information can be stored, who can access this information, and what can we do with this information.

This is why some organisations are against it because how blockchain organises information and maintains our records-keeping infrastructure goes to the heart of these things.


It is clear from this that people will not accept Blockchain technology so quickly, and it is not going to come overnight because it challenges traditional technology at every step.

We had seen a similar case in TCP / IP, which was initially criticised a lot, but later it took about 30 years to implement it, but finally, everyone understood its importance. In the same way, the world is still taking time to understand Blockchain, but in a few years, it will be adopted.

What is Black Chain Technology?

Blockchain technology is most simply defined as a decentralised, distributed ledger that records the emergence of a digital asset. In simple language, it is a digital currency and keeps a record of anything by making it digital. The data on the blockchain cannot be modified. That’s why it can be used for industries like payments, cybersecurity and healthcare.


What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a  technique that is used to operate Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. If it is understood in simple words, then it is a digital ‘public ledger in which every transaction is recorded. Using this technique, participants can confirm their transactions while they will not need any central clearing authority.

Which country’s currency is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is currently the currency of El Salvador. This is the first country that has given legal status to this currency. It is also the first country to adopt bitcoin as its country’s currency. In El Salvador, the US dollar will continue to be the legal currency as before.

What did you learn today?

I have full hope that I have told you guys What is Blockchain Technology? And how does this work? I gave complete information about it, and I hope you understand what Blockchain (What is Blockchain Technology) is.


I request all readers to share this information with their neighbours, neighbours friends to be aware of us, and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your cooperation so that I can pass on more new information to you guys.

It has always been my endeavour to help my readers or readers from all sides; if you people have any doubts, you can feel free to ask me. I will try to solve those doubts.

How did you like this article Blockchain Technology and how does it work, do tell us by writing a comment so that we get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something. To show your happiness and curiosity towards my post, please share this post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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