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What is NIFTY and How is it Different from SENSEX?


Have you ever heard about What is NIFTY? Have you ever noticed that a lot of people keep talking about NIFTY? But you do not understand his words because you do not know what NIFTY is. So today, we will provide you with all the information related to NIFTY through this post.

When there is a matter related to the share market, NIFTY’s name is taken. We often hear that NIFTY went up by many points today or NIFTY closed down by falling so many issues. Why NIFTY went up, or why it came down today? We will know what effects can be read on the market due to the downward movement of the Nifty, so let’s start with what the Nifty is.

What is NIFTY?

NIFTY’s Full Form is National Stock Exchange Fifty. It is a word consisting of two words National and Fifty. It is also called NIFTY 50, but usually, most people use it by NIFTY.


NIFTY is an important Benchmark of the National Stock Exchange of India. It is an index of 50 significant shares listed on the National Stock Exchange. It monitors the shares of 50 major companies in the country. And in it, only 50 shares of the company can be seen.

It also takes care of the 50 shares listed and the speed or slowdown in their prices and provides information about them. NIFTY 50 is the most prominent and essential stock index of India. This is the highest trend in the country. BSE is the SENSEX at number two.

To put it simply, NIFTY is a stock index that indexes the stocks of 50 major companies. Stores of more than 50 companies cannot be listed in NIFTY.
NIFTY has 50 companies indexed from 12 different sectors.


What is the job of NIFTY?

The job of NIFTY is to provide us with information about those 50 companies and the market.

NIFTY tells us that the companies whose shares are listed, how the company is working if the company is doing good work, and its direct effect are seen in the company’s shares. The shares of that company are increased. When the prices of shares of a listed company go up or improve, then the Nifty also accelerates.

In the same way, if the companies listed in the index are losing or not making a profit, it also directly affects the price of the shares of that company, and the cost of the claims starts to decrease. And when the price of shares declines, the decline in NIFTY can be seen.



Now you must be thinking what can be the relation between NIFTY and the economy. So we would like to tell you that NIFTY and the country’s economy have a deep connection.

Like the Nifty going up tells us that a company is making good profit and making a profit. In the same way, when the company is doing good work and earning good money, the country’s economy is also doing good work behind it. Because the more Indian companies will gain capital, the more tax will be added to the Indian economy, which will make India’s economy stronger somewhere or the other.

In a way, NIFTY gives us information about the boom and slowdown in the shares of the company and explains the movement of the entire market. If anyone wants to understand the direction of the market, then they should realise NIFTY.


How is NIFTY made?

How NIFTY is formed or how it is calculated means calculating the shares of those 50 listed companies. While only 50 companies are listed in the Nifty, around 6000 Companies are listed in the NSE. Out of those 6000 companies, 50 largest companies are kept in the Nifty to estimate the market moves.

The shares of 50 companies listed in NIFTY are bought or sold the most. These 50 companies listed in the Nifty are selected from different sectors. These are the biggest companies in their field. Their market capitalisation is about 60% of the entire market. Whenever the shares of these companies start buying more, then NIFTY starts going up, and when the recession comes, the Nifty stops or starts coming down.

An index committee selected 50 companies listed in the Nifty; this committee includes prominent economists, etc.


What is the difference between NIFTY and SENSEX?

Both the Nifty and the Sensex are sensory indices of the stock index. But there is some difference between the two which makes them different from each other and is better than the other. Let’s know what the difference between SENSEX and NIFTY is- Nifty is part of the National Stock Exchange while SENSEX is part of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

While there are only 30 companies listed within another BSE, i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange, 50 companies are listed under NIFTY. Therefore, the Nifty has been considered more reliable for the stock market. Fifty companies will assess market capitalisation against 30 companies to show a more real market situation.

The work of both is the same. Both are indices, and both have a real motive to tell the state of the stock market.


Benefits of NIFTY

As such, there are many benefits of NIFTY, but some of the significant advantages which are required to be in your knowledge are as follows-

1. What kind of work the NSE is doing? Get to know about the performance of the NSE at a glance.

2. Easily get information about the going on in the market or the rapid and slowdown occurring in the market. If NIFTY goes down, then the market is going to slow down. The exact movement of the market can be estimated through the Nifty.


3. Through NIFTY, we get information about the country’s economy quickly. We come to know that if the market is booming and the NIFT is going upwards, then it means that the country’s economy is also going upwards.

So this was our post, what is NIFTY? I hope you guys have understood about Nifty. I request all readers that you too should share this information in your neighbourhood, relatives, and friends to have awareness among us, and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

But if you see any deficiency in our post, please give your opinion in the comment box and help us to correct that deficiency; thank you.

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