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Bank Does Not Give Your Credit Card Number, Then Who Issues it?


Who Issue Credit Card Number:¬†Some numbers are written on your credit card. Do you know what these numbers mean? You would think that banks just put the number on the card. but it’s not like that. Every number written on a credit card has a special meaning, which the bank does not issue, but it is given by the International Standard Organization (ISO).

Who Issue Credit Card Number

We use our credit cards every day. Be it online shopping or grocery shopping, movie tickets or paying petrol pump bills, we use credit cards indiscriminately. But have you ever thought about the number printed on it, what is it and why it is given? You will be surprised to know that these numbers are not printed just like that, but they have a special meaning. Your credit card number keeps many of your information in its records. It protects you from fraud and payment errors.

International Standard

It is called ISO or International Standards Organization in English. Your credit card number is issued only by ISO. This is the institution that sets the standard for credit cards. ISO is in contact with different National Standards Organization of the country. Both types of organizations work together on the number of credit cards. The size of the credit card, the placement of the number, and the card’s material are decided through ISO. This standard is set keeping in mind the standards of the whole world.


Credit card number

There are mainly 3 components in a credit card number. The first component contains your account information. The second contains information about the card issuing institution. The third component is the checksum.

Number issuer information

This is called issuer information which consists of industry number and issuer identification number. The first number on your credit card is ‘Major Industry Identifier’ or MII. This number shows the identity of the card issuing institution.

After the first number, the next 5 digits are added together, then it is known as the issuer identification number ie IIN. These six numbers indicate the type of card you use. On the basis of this number, merchants take payment. For example, travel and entertainment cards start with the number 3 while banking and financial cards start with the number 5.


Your information

The number left after the first 6 numbers of the credit card and leaving one last number in the middle is your account number. There is a unique number for each account holder, which identifies the account holder. The last number of the credit card is called the checker digit or it is also called the checksum. This shows the validity of your card. This number is made under a special algorithm called Luhn formula. Checksum is used to detect the error in payment. Fraud payment is stopped through this number.

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