Due To Coronavirus 1.68 Crore People Lost Their Jobs In America

Coronavirus in New York Update

The Coronavirus has knocked the economy around the world. The world’s most powerful nation has fallen in the US, where 16,739 people have died in the US so far due to this epidemic. Not only this, due to Coronavirus, the economy has also suffered a considerable loss. There is the reason that 1.68 crore people have lost their jobs in America in just three weeks.

The damage and fear caused by the Coronavirus can also gauge from the fact that religious leaders around the world have appealed to people to celebrate Good Friday and Easter in their own homes.

Coronavirus in New York

The death toll in New York for the third consecutive day was close to 800. More than 7,000 people have died in New York alone, nearly half of the more than 16,000 Coronavirus in New York deaths in the US.

New York Governor Andrieu Cuomo said it was shocking and sad. I do not have words for this.

However, during this time, he also said that there is a silver lining as the number of infected persons admitted to the hospital, placed in ICU, and put on a ventilator has decreased.

At the same time, the condition of Britain is also similar. Which is facing the worst phase after the second world war. However, the news of relief is that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come out of the ICU. After being infected with the Coronavirus, he was kept in a hospital in London for treatment.

During this time, there has been a clear warning from the governments of many countries that people should stay away from social harmony. Easter is the busiest time to travel throughout Europe. However, given the danger of Coronavirus, authorities have put up blockades on the roads to prevent people from getting together.

In fact, with the increasing number of people dying in Britain and New York. New cases of infection in Japan and rapid infection in many cities in India. It is clear that the fight against the Coronavirus is far from over.