Coronavirus in India: 73 Cases Reported Till Now, Know Details

Coronavirus in India News

So far, 73 cases of Coronavirus in India (COVID-19) have reported. These include foreign citizens. ANI has given this information citing the Health Ministry. Out of 73 infected people, 56 are 17 people besides Indians. These figures are as of 12 March 2020 till 11 am. No deaths have taken place in the country so far. According to information, these cases have come up in 12 states and union territories.

Coronavirus in India

The Health Ministry has released helpline number and e-mail id regarding Coronavirus. The helpline number is + 91-11-23978046, and E-Mail ID is

Most Infected in Kerala

Kerala has suffered the most cases of Coronavirus in India. There are 17 people infected here. No foreigners are involved in this. The first case in the country came to light in Kerala in February. The first three patients here have also recovered.

Only Foreign Infected in Haryana

Haryana has the highest number of cases after Kerala. Fourteen cases have confirmed here. However, none of them is citizens of India. Please tell that people brought here from abroad have kept under observation in the Cantonment Camp of ITBP.

11-11 Cases in UP and Maharashtra

Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have reported the highest number of cases after Haryana. There have been 11 cases reported in both states. A total of 11 people, including a foreigner, have been found infected in UP. At the same time, 11 Indians have found infected in Maharashtra. Coronavirus in India.

6 Cases Confirmed In Delhi So Far

According to the Health Ministry report, so far 6 cases have been confirmed in Delhi. Four cases have established in Karnataka. Three cases have found in Ladakh. Three cases have reported in the state so far. Two of them are foreigners. One example each has found in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

Coronavirus in India Cases

So Far 73 Cases Of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Have Been Reported in India. These Includes Foreign Citizens. Out of 73 Infected People, 56 are 17 People Besides Indians.