Coronavirus In India: 25 Deaths and 979 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus In India Update

The number of people infected with Coronavirus in India is increasing every day. Corona virus-positive cases have increased to 979 in the country, while 25 people have died due to this. Out of this, 86 people have recovered and gone to their homes. On Sunday, one person each died in Ahmedabad and Kashmir in Gujarat. Today is the fifth day of the 12-day lockdown issued in the country.

Coronavirus In India

The highest cases of Coronavirus in India have reported in Maharashtra and Kerala. There have been 186 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Maharashtra, while it has 182 positive cases in Kerala. So far, six people died due to the epidemic in Maharashtra. According to the World Health Organization, so far, around 6 lakh cases of Coronavirus have reported in the world, due to which more than 25 thousand people have died.

One Death Each in Ahmedabad-Kashmir

Today is the fifth day of a 21-day nationwide lockdown. The central government has imposed a 21-day lockdown in the country to overcome the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, a 45-year-old man died of Coronavirus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In Gujarat, five people have lost their lives due to the virus. The second patient died in Kashmir.

A Batch Of 275 Indians Arrived In Jodhpur From Iran

The batch of 275 Indian nationals evacuated from Iran suffering from Coronavirus has reached Jodhpur. After the screening process, all the citizens have shifted to the isolation center at the Wellness Center of the Indian Army. Of the 275 citizens, 142 are males and 133 females. The batch also includes two infants and four children.

Trust To Fight Coronavirus In India

Public charitable trust has created in the name of the PM Cares Fund to deal with the situation arising out of the Kovid-19 epidemic. The Prime Minister is the Chairman of the Trust, and its members include Defense Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister. The PM has appealed to the people to donate to this fund. His appeal quickly noticed.

People from all walks of life, from politics to industry and Bollywood, have started making announcements of donations. BJP President JP Nadda announced to give one crore rupees from his MPLAD fund. It also announced that all BJP MPs would provide one crore rupees from their fund.

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