Death Toll From Coronavirus In US Crosses 2,200 and 23,428 Infected

United States Coronavirus Cases By Graph

America, considered the most powerful country in the world, seems helpless in front of the coronavirus. The havoc of this virus has severely broken America. According to reports, the death toll in the US has also crossed 2200. On Saturday, more than 500 people reported having died in a single day. At the same time, five people died due to this virus in China on Saturday, taking the total figure of the dead to 3300 here.

Coronavirus Rained On America

Explain that the coronavirus has been the deadliest attack on America. Given the recent data, it is also difficult to say where it will stop. On Saturday, 19,302, new cases reported in this country, taking the total number of infected to 1,23,428 here. At the same time, the full figure of the dead reached 2,211, with the death of 515 people. Apart from this, the condition of 2,666 people admitted to hospitals is said to be critical. The number of infected in the US is increasing at a rapid pace, posing severe challenges for the Trump administration.

In China, five deaths On Saturday

The effect of coronavirus originating from the city of Wuhan in China has dramatically reduced in this country. At one time, China was also struggling badly with this virus, but now there has been a significant decline in new cases. There were five deaths in the country on Saturday, taking the total figure of the dead to 3300 here. The total number of coronavirus infections in the country is 81,439, of which 75,448 people have completely cured, and only 2,691 are active cases. It believed that China would control the virus in the next few days.

The Total Number Of Infected In The US Reached 1,23,428 By Saturday. And 515 People Died Due To Coronavirus. The Total Figure Of The Dead Reached 2,211.

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