Donald Trump Set To Sign USD 8 Billion Bill To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

Donald Trump Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus has infected around one lakh citizens of about 80 countries. Also, thousands of people have lost their lives due to the virus so far. Countries around the world were trying to reduce their outbreak. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump may approve an amount of US $ 8.3 billion (about 610 billion) to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Outbreak

The US parliament passed the measure on Thursday in hopes of reassuring the fearful public and speeding up the government’s response to the virus. This fast-spreading virus is affecting the everyday lives of people in America and all over the world.

This money will be spent on different methods to prevent the Coronavirus Outbreak from spreading rapidly every day. The bill has sent to the White House after the US parliament passed the law on Thursday, where President Donald Trump’s signature awaiting. Let us know that ten people have died in America due to this virus. China has the highest number of deaths. In China, the death toll has crossed 3000.

For information, let us know that the Coronavirus Outbreak has spread in about 80 countries of the world. The World Bank has come forward to help the countries in the grip. At the same time, the World Bank has announced a financial aid of US $ 12 billion for the developing countries. Some of which will give to developing countries. The fund will use for medical equipment or health services.

Several Countries Are Taking Different Measures To Fight The Coronavirus. Meanwhile, Donald Trump Can Provide The US $8.3 Billion In Aid To Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak in the US.

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