Coronavirus Scare: Know Why PM Modi Urged For Janata Curfew

Janata Curfew On Sunday

Janata Curfew: Given the growing Coronavirus infection in the country, the government is continually trying to save people from it. While on one hand schools, colleges and mall-markets have closed, on the other hand, people have asked to work from home. Many people are calling it a scare, but if seen, it is an exercise by the government to reduce the danger posed to the lives of ordinary people.

Janata Curfew On Sunday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation on Thursday, also appealed to the people to impose a Janata curfew on Sunday, 22 March, and do not leave the house if there is no need. After all, why has the Prime Minister appealed for the Janata curfew since the 22nd and what steps the central government is taking. We have brought answers to these questions for you. So know what the government is doing

India Will Cut Off From The World Between 22 to 29

The central government, fully alert and active in the fight against Corona, has decided to isolate the country for a week from the rest of the world. The government has announced a ban on flights to and from all countries from 22 to 29 March. The trip will only allow under any particular circumstances. Till now, there were restrictions on flights from five countries apart from the European Union.

Extensive arrangements have made to limit movement within the country as well. Instructions have also given to arrange work from home for 50 percent of the employees in government offices and call the office in the remaining three slots.

There Is A Crucial Reason For Janata Curfew

There are four different stages of coronavirus outbreak. Of which India is in the second stage. In the first stage, the situation comes in which infected people from another country came to our country. At the same time, the second stage through which India is currently passing. The infection started spreading at the local level from an infected person from abroad. For example, the disease spread due to foreign tourists in India and people who returned from traveling abroad. It is easy to find the onset of illness and the people affected by it.

The third stage is Community Transmission, in which the infection spreads rapidly locally, and many areas are affected instead of one or two people. In this, the disease begins to found in people even without traveling abroad. In this stage, it is difficult to find out where and how this virus infected the person. Italy and Spain currently have the same situation. Janata Curfew

At the same time, this infection becomes epidemic in the fourth stage as it happened in China, and a large number of people start dying.

This Time Is Significant For The Third Stage In India

For India, this phase considered very sensitive in terms of community transmission. In such a situation, vigorous rescue measures have started for the next one week.

India is among the few countries that have managed to contain the havoc of Corona. Most of the cases reported in India so far spread by people who have infected from abroad. There has not a matter of community transmission yet, i.e., no such patient has found in whom the means of getting infected with Corona not known.

Scientists believe that the third round of community transmission, in the country, is inevitable. The effort should be to reduce its speed. In such a situation, the decision to stop flights considered necessary. Keep in mind that currently, around 300 flights were arriving daily from abroad. Now India has become the fourth country to stop flights from all states for a few days.