Coronavirus: Tamilnadu Doctor Claimed To Have Coronavirus Medicine

Dr. Thanikasalam Veni Coronavirus Medicine

A doctor from Tamil Nadu has claimed that they can cure the coronavirus. According to the doctor, he has devised a herbal Coronavirus Medicine that can cure the virus. No definitive cure has yet been discovered for the virus that has developed from Wuhan in China. And is rapidly spreading in neighboring countries. In such a situation, this big claim of this doctor has come out. Dr. Thanikasalam Veni of Ratna Siddha Hospital, Chennai, says he has 25 years of experience in treatment with Ayurvedic medicines.

Coronavirus Medicine In Tamilnadu

Talking to the news agency ANI, he said that we have made a Coronavirus Medicine. It is very effective in curing any type of viral fever. There is no medicine for coronavirus. There have been more than 50 deaths in Wuhan. China so far, but doctors do not understand how to deal with it. Our herbal medicine is used for dengue, multi-argon fever and liver disease.

He said that we want to tell the World Health Organization (WHO). And the Chinese government that our medicine is capable of treating fever caused by a coronavirus.

The doctor has also claimed that he and his team have manufactured this drug together. This medicine starts treatment between 24 to 40 hours after the virus infection.

He said that when we treat the dengue virus with our medicine. Many patients whose platelets have decreased, the liver has failed. White blood cells are low or there is immunity, all within 24 to 40 hours Got treatment. He has claimed that his medication will prove to be very effective in treating coronavirus. Coronavirus Medicine.

No firm cure for this virus has yet discovered. In such a situation, this big claim of this doctor has come out.

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