Coronavirus Update: More Than 91 Thousand Infected, 3123 People Dead

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In many countries of the world outside China, COVID19 infection is increasing rapidly. So far, Coronavirus has spread in more than 60 countries. In China, the death toll from Corona has crossed 2900. While 3,100 people worldwide have died of the CoronaCorona. The infection of Corona is overgrowing in Italy, Iran, and South Korea outside China. So far, nine people have killed in America from Corona. Here, 25 positive cases of CoronaCorona have reported in India.

Corona (COVID19), started from Wuhan, China, is wreaking havoc in more than 60 countries of the world. There have been 38 more people from Corona in China, and now the death toll has reached 2981. So far, around 3123 people have died in the CoronaCorona from the CoronaCorona, while 91,783 people have infected with the CoronaCorona. There have been six positive cases of CoronaCorona in India. While in the US, nine people have died from Corona so far. Seattle of America is most affected by Corona.

Coronavirus Update

On Wednesday, 142, more people found infected with a corona in South Korea. In this way, 5,328 people have hit by Corona in South Korea so far. Corona has killed 32 people in South Korea. On the other hand, 12 people have died due to Corona hit in Japan, and 1000 people have infected with Corona.

In France, four people have died from Corona. While 21 more people have found Corona positive in France on Tuesday. A total of 212 people have infected with Corona so far in France. In America, nine people have died from Corona, and more than 100 are in the grip. In Britain, 39 people have infected with Corona so far.

25 Positive Cases Of Coronavirus in India

So far, 25 positive cases have reported in India. Fifteen tourists from Italy are suffering from coronavirus. AIIMS has confirmed this. They kept aside when they came to India from Italy. On coming to Delhi, AIIMS tested their samples, and all found to be coronavirus positive. All these have kept in the ITBP camp in Chawla. They have kept in isolation since yesterday afternoon.

79 Dead In Italy, 2500 People Vulnerable To Coronavirus

According to PTI, 79 people have died in Italy from Corona till Tuesday. Two thousand five hundred people infected with Corona in Italy. Corona has spread to many countries in Europe. In the last 24 hours, 18 people have died of CoronaCorona in Italy, while a total of 27 people have died from this deadly virus in two days.

77 Killed, 2336 Infected in Iran

Iran has alerted the army on Tuesday about Corona. So far, 77 people have died in Iran. Government officials are sitting several feet away from each other. Many leaders there infected with Corona. The 23 Members of Parliament there are in the grip of Corona. A total of 2,336 people in Iran have infected with Corona so far. Whereas in the Middle East countries, a total of 2,540 people are vulnerable to COVID19.