Deepika Singh Mother Tested Positive For COVID-19 in Delhi

Deepika Singh Mother COVID-19 Positive

Mother of actress Deepika Singh Goyal of serials like ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ and ‘Kavach 2’ has come out COVID-19 test positive. The actress gave this information through a social media post. She is also told that he is in Mumbai, and his mother is facing a lot of trouble in Delhi. Frustrated Deepika, sharing a video message, has asked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for help.

Deepika Singh Mother Tested Positive

Actress tagged Chief Minister Kejriwal and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the caption of the video, writing, “My mother has been found COVID positive. The mother and father are in Delhi. The test has done at Lady Harding Hospital, and they have not given the report.” They only allowed my father to take photographs. ”

He further wrote, “Hopefully, the people concerned will read it, and my mother will get some relief there. We need your help.” Deepika has shared with her home address in Delhi and her husband Rohit Goel’s mobile number.

What Deepika Said In The Video

Deepika Singh is saying in the video – this is a request message for Delhi Government and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. My 59-year-old mother has come to test positive. He checked five days ago. But we got the result today (Friday), and that too is not a hard copy. My father asked me to take a photo. They do not even have WhatsApp.

If we do not have reports in our hands, we cannot show them in any hospital. I live in Mumbai and have a young son. It is tough for me to travel here. Yesterday my sister Anamika Singh flew to him from the flight. But he did not even know that the report of Mummy would come positive.

Mummy only had a fever and was not getting tested for anything. For this reason, we got them tested without doctors’ suggestions. I do not understand how to react? It looks as if the wheel of time has begun to reverse.

The problem is that my mother, the family she lives in, is a joint family in Paharganj, Arya Nagar. Those 45 people live together. My grandmother is also having trouble breathing, and my father also suspended. My sister did not even know. She has been serving him since yesterday, and today she came to know that Mummy is positive. Therefore it is essential to have a test for many people.

Many people have come in contact with the mother, and the mother does not even know how this happened. Because the mother stays at home. The report is not on hand, how to get them x-rayed? Everyone is saying that stay at home. Treat yourself at home. But how will we get their chest X-rays done by staying at home? How do I know what their condition is?

They are getting Weekly very much. They are suffering a lot. He had never felt so weak before himself. It is essential to get them treated immediately, but I do not have any source in Delhi.

We want them to treated in a top private hospital. But no one can contact anywhere, and no guidelines are available from anywhere. There is no guidance on medicines. No doctor has given him a call. Nor is the report presented at hand.

Whom would we go to and say until we get a report from Lady Harding? How to prepare files to admit them? Wherever I spoke, everyone is saying that the beds are full. Admission cannot do. Keep it at home, but it is not safe at home. Because there is a family of 45 people, if anything happens to God, he will be in great danger.

The joint family also has a lot of pressure. If everyone scare, please. Please, we need your help a lot. Especially Kejriwal Ji and Delhi government, I need your help a lot. I give my husband’s number; please contact him anyway.