Delhi Government To Provide Food To 4 Lakh Poor People Every Day

Delhi Government Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Government: Coronavirus ( Coronavirus is complete lockdown due). Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of the country’s capital has decided to provide two-time bread to poor families. On Friday, during a digital press conference, CM Kejriwal said that two lakh people should be provided two times a day bread. He said that in order to give realization to this scheme. Arrangements have been made to feed food in 325 schools in Delhi. Kejriwal said that from March 28 this number will double. After which, 4 lakh people will be able to eat food every day.

Delhi Government

CM Kejriwal said that a total of 224-night shelters of Delhi government are running. In which 20 thousand people living are being fed daily. But he found that the night shelters are falling and the number of people eating daily is increasing. The news was coming from many places that people are hungry there. After which the Delhi government has decided to increase the rains in a big way.

He further told that from today, 27 March, the government is going to make arrangements for food in the afternoon and night inside 325 schools of Delhi. In which 500-500 people will be able to eat in the afternoon and night in each school. Along with this, food has also increased in 224-night shelters. Till yesterday we were feeding 20 thousand people every day, but now it has increased 10 times to 2 lakh.

That means, every day 2 lakh people will be fed. He told that this number will double from tomorrow i.e. March 28. Delhi government will feed 4 lakh, people, daily from tomorrow. We are dividing the centres from place to place so that people do not have to go far to eat food.

MLAs To Feed Food To People In Their Area

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that I have spoken to all our MLAs to meet with the people of the society within their respective assembly constituencies to ensure that no one goes to sleep hungry. During this, social distance should also maintain, it must also instruct to take care of it. He told that many social and religious institutions have come together for help. In which ISKCON, Radha Swamy and Gurdwara people are helping a lot. They are also helping the government and themselves are also running many food centres. Apart from this, many institutions are helping.

All People Living In Delhi

CM said that for the last two-three days, messages have been coming on the social media of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Didi, in which they are saying that as many people of Jharkhand and Bengal are living in Delhi.

Take care of them Keep it Kejriwal said that I want to tell all the people that the people of Delhi who are residing within the boundaries of Delhi are the responsibility of all those people. All these people should be from Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala or elsewhere, but now they are with us and they are now with us. All of you don’t worry at all. We will take care of each person. There were some problems in one or two days, but now no one will have the problem of eating.