Delhi High Court On Violence Said – 1984 Riots Should Not Happen

Delhi High Court On Violence

Delhi High Court, while hearing the violence case, said that circumstances like 1984 riots should not happen again. High Court Judge S. Muralidhar said that ‘another 1984 (there were mass riots) should not form’. We have to be very alert. Judges S. Muralidhar and Talwant Singh rebuked the Solicitor General Tushar Mehta and the DCP (Crime), asking if they had seen the video clip of BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s alleged hate speech.

The clip then played by the court in the courtroom. The court asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta to take a decision from the Commissioner of Police to register an FIR in connection with the three BJP leaders allegedly making hate speeches. The court said that it is up to the Delhi Police to take care of the body of those who have died in this violence, to bring the dead body home and bury it or protect the funeral, etc. Police should talk to their families.

Delhi High Court On Violence

The court said that ‘a lot can happen if the administration wants to. It is very sad that the Delhi Police officers kept waiting for orders to take action. The court has ordered that government officials meet the victims and give them the assurance of safety. Also said that ‘now the need is to build trust in the people, then the state and central government officials themselves go and meet the victims and give them confidence about their safety’.

The court said that ‘Helpline numbers should communicate to the people through every type of media so that people can get information about it’. Also said that ‘We have received information that an IB officer has also been attacked. Such things should be dealt with immediately. Now is the time to show that Z Security is for everyone. The court said that “ambulance and fire brigade vehicles properly arranged”.

The court said that “If there is a shortage of shelter homes in Delhi, then the Delhi government should build such shelter homes as soon as possible, which have toilets, blankets, drinking water, etc.” The court-appointed ‘a magistrate in Delhi for the next two weeks, who would work at night. We will talk to the district and session judges. These magistrates will be for the whole of Delhi. We will constantly monitor the situation. ‘

The court-appointed Zubaida Begum as amicus curiae. The court said that Zubeida Begum can associate 4-5 staff members with her to help her in her work. Amicus curiae are the only lawyers practicing in court. Sometimes the court appoints amicus curiae to assist her. Such amicus curiae inform the court of the legal aspects in the case related to the case.