Delhi Violence: CM Arvind Kejriwal Announced 10 Lakh Compensation

Delhi Violence CM Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference on Thursday about the Delhi violence. He said that Hindus and Muslims have all suffered in the force. During this, he also announced compensation. He noted that the injures treated for free in the hospital. The angels will apply to the wounded. During this, Arvind also announced a reward of 10 lakh each to the family of the deceased. At the same time, on the death of the minor, the family will be given 5-5 lakh rupees.

Delhi Violence – CM Arvind Kejriwal

CM Arvind Kejriwal further said that compensation of 20-20 thousand rupees would give to the injured. In the violence, 25 thousand will provide to those whose rickshaws damaged, 50 thousand for e-rickshaws, 5 lakh will cater to those whose house burnt. Apart from this, compensation of Rs 5 lakh will give for cooking the shop.

What Else Announced For The Victims

The CM Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi said that animals whose animals burnt would give five thousand per animal. New documents will make for those whose Aadhar card, voter card burnt. Camps will organize this. The CM said that the government would provide food to the riot victims for free. Helpline numbers are issued. Peace and peace committees will be active in the mohallas.

He said that the steps that could be taken by the Delhi government made. The incident of violence has reduced since yesterday. Today we have several meetings. Arvind Kejriwal.

What Did Kejriwal Say On Tahir Hussain

When Arvind Kejriwal questioned about Aam Aadmi Party councilor Tahir Hussain, he said that there should be no politics on the riots. I do not have police. How can I take action, Tahir Hussain, or any strict action should be taken? The CM said that if any Aam Aadmi Party leader caught, then give double punishment to the punishment that made.