New Disclosure In Palghar Mob Lynching Case Eyewitness Many Facts

Palghar Mob Lynching Case

In the case of killing three people, including two sadhus, on the night of 16 April in Palghar, adjacent to Mumbai, new revelations have been revealed. There is a garrison in the forest department near the village of Gadchinchale. The forest staff present in that post has now appeared. The eyes they have heard of the incident reveal what had happened that night. His statement may revive the hopes of those who were trying to give a communal color to the Palghar event and were interested in politics.

Palghar Mob Lynching Case

Sonu Borsa and Prakash Baswat were present there that night on the road passing by the village of Gadchinchale, which is present in the forest department. According to them, due to the rumor of the child thieves roaming in the area that night, 2 to 3 thousand people from the surrounding villages came on the road with sticks in the form of a crowd.

Around 9:30 pm, an eco vehicle passed in which three people were riding. The mob tried to stop them, but they further moved towards the border of the union territory named Dadra Nagar Haveli. After about 15 minutes, he returned to the village as the police stopped him from proceeding along the edge.

Borsa Told These

According to Borsa, when the Palghar Villagers saw the car returning, they tried to stop it again. The crowd pressured the forest staff to close the gates on the road so that the train could not move forward, threatening that if the forest staff did not do so, they would kill. According to Borsa’s colleague Baswat, as soon as the gate stopped.

One of the crowds threw a stick in the tire of the vehicle and fired it. When Baswat asked the people on the train where they were coming from and where to go. They told that they were coming from Trimbakeshwar, and they had to go towards Silvassa. Since the police are not letting them go further, they are returning to Kandivali.

Meanwhile, the Palghar Mob shouted the thief and attacked the vehicle with stones and overturned the car, being present in the car of the three. The forest staff then informed a senior officer about this. The officer told the police. The police team reached the spot after about 2 hours. Baswat says that the villagers had blocked the way by putting stones in place. Police had to remove them to reach the spot, due to which it delayed.

Forest Employees Reveals These

According to these forest employees, only 10 to 12 policemen reached the spot in the beginning. While there were thousands of people in the violent crowd. Along with the police personnel, the village sarpanch Chitra Chaudhary. Who is from the BJP and Kashinath Chaudhary, a member of the Zilla Parishad who is from the NCP, also reached the spot. He also tried to convince the crowd, but the group did not listen to him either and started threatening him.

After this, in the presence of police officers, the Palghar Mob beat and killed all three people. Among the dead are 70-year-old Kalpvrikshnathgiri and 35-year-old Sushilagiri and his 32-year-old driver Nilesh Belgrade. In this connection, the police have arrested 110 people, out of which nine are minor. They have sent to the Child Improvement Home. 2 policemen have also suspended by the Maharashtra government for being negligent in this matter.

According to both these witnesses, now they are being intimidated by the accused. His statement once again proves that there was no communal and political reason behind the three murders. But instead of the rumor, these innocent people brutally murdered.