Donald Trump Sent North Koreas Kim Jong Un Birthday Wishes

Donald Trump Kim Jong Un

US President Donald Trump congratulated North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on his birthday. National Security Advisor Chung EU-Yong of South Korea has given this information. Chung recently went to the US. Chung met Donald Trump in Washington there. During this time, Trump sent Kim via birthday greetings Chung.

Kim Jong Un Birthday Wishes

The National Security Advisor of South Korea stated that when he was in Washington, he received a message from Donald Trump for Kim Jong Un. He delivered that message on Thursday. Let us know that Kim Jong’s birthday is on 8 January. “When we met, it was Kim Jong Un’s birthday that President Trump remembers, so he asked me to wish him a happy birthday,” Chung said.

Significantly, Kim Jong Un was born on 8 January 1983. Since childhood, he has been stubborn and adamant. His family was also to blame for this, as every wish of Kim was fulfilled since childhood. Then that wish was right or wrong. Kim is the son of Jong Il (1941–2011) and grandson of Kim Sung (1912–1994). On 28 December 2011, Kim declared himself a dictator. After becoming a dictator, Kim Jong conducted several tests, his tests discussed all over the world. Other countries including the US also expressed concern over some nuclear tests conducted.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly appealed to Kim Jong Un not to conduct nuclear tests and to maintain peace. Donald Trump also spoke to him in South Korea to convince Kim. After this, it seemed that Kim Jong understood and would stop nuclear testing. However, this did not happen. Recently, news came that North Korea conducted a missile test. At the beginning of the year, Kim Jong also announced his intention to lift the ban on nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests. At the same time, this dictator has soon threatened to demonstrate a ‘new strategic weapon’.