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Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan Drinks Oil, Gets Hurt Due to Fall During Task


High voltage drama is going on in Bigg Boss 15 at the moment. There is a fight between the family members and the forest dwellers. The forest dwellers now want to enter the house, for which Bigg Boss has given them a task. During this task, the family members and the forest dwellers fight among themselves. In Tuesday’s episode, Bigg Boss gave a dacoit task to the contestants. Everyone was trying their best to win this task. During this, Shamita Shetty and Tejashwi got hurt while Afsana Khan fell while running.

For the task, Karan Kundrra and Jai Bhanushali have to go inside the house to block Nishant. He is covering Nishant with a sheet. Shamita is trying her best to save Nishant. During this, the forest dwellers tell Afsana Khan to come inside the house to stop Shamita.

Afsana  Khan Drank Oil

Afsana goes inside the house to take away Shamita, and when she feels thirsty, she goes to the kitchen, sees a glass and drinks it. Afsana thinks it was water. After she drinks, Afsana asks Karan why the water test looks strange, to which Karan says that it was oil. She also confirms by going to Shamita. After which, he comes to know that he had drunk the oil. Shamita asks Afsana Khan to drink a lot of water.


Afsana’s Injury

In the jungle area, the family members target Afsana Khan in the task. Prateek goes to put stickers on Afsana to get him out of the task. Tejasswi, Donal and Vidhi ask Afsana to run away. She suddenly falls while running and injures herself.

All the family members, together with Prateek, raise Afsana. Donal tells everyone that Afsana Khan has fallen because of Prateek. On this, Prateek says that the girls were pressurizing him to run away, which he lost. It’s not their fault in this.

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