Alia Bhatt Is The Highest Earning Actress, Apart From Acting

Alia Bhatt Birthday Images

Alia Bhatt often makes headlines through her films and her knowledge test videos. But do you know that according to the latest reports, Alia is the highest-grossing actress in Bollywood actresses? Alia makes money with her films in many ways, which suggests that Alia is a good actor as well as a good businessperson. In such a situation, Alia knows where to earn money.

What Is Alia Bhatt Earning?

Before telling the source of his earnings, let us show you how much Alia Bhatt’s profits are. Alia is ranked eighth in the list of 2019 Top 100 Celebs released by Forbes and is number one among all actresses. According to this Forbes list, Alia earned Rs 59.21 crore last year, and in 2018 it was 58.83. Now you know their source of income.

The Movies

Alia Bhatt’s films are through her precious earnings. Two of his movies released in 2019, with Gully Boy being highly appreciated, and the film did well at the box office. Alia charges her fee for every Startup.


Alia Bhatt has invested money in many startups in addition to earning from the cinema. Recently he invested his money in a fashion tech startup.

Youtube Channel

Alia Bhatt also runs a YouTube channel with 1.33 million subscribers. At the same time, each video has 30 lakh to 50 lakh views. In such a situation, Aaliya also earns very well from the YouTube channel. Alia keeps sharing videos of her fitness, kitchen on this channel. Also, Alia has shared promotional videos of many brands on this channel.

Contracts With Brands

Alia Bhatt has associated with many brands apart from all this, which earns them well. In this, she also shoots advertisements for many brands. These brands include Ledge, Frutti, Uber Eats, Flipkart, etc.

Alia Bhatt Instagram

Social media management company Hoppers HQ released the Instagram Rich List 2019, which revealed how much money celebs charge for one of their posts. In this report, it said that Alia Bhatt charges Rs 1 crore per post of Instagram.