Ankita Lokhande gave a befitting reply to the fans of Sushant who trolled

Ankita Lokhande Hits Back At Sushant Fans

Ankita Lokhande has given a befitting reply to the trolls by posting a video. Whenever Ankita posts her dance video, Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans tell them very well. Ankita has shared a video saying that those pointing fingers at her today did not know their relationship. He had sharply questioned such fans that where were those people when our relationship was ending.

Ankita Lokhande hits back at Sushant Fans

In this video, Ankita has said, ‘I cannot talk so severe. I want to say nice things. I can’t talk about serious topics. I want to say that it is essential to have positiveness in your life, bringing yourself in your life. It is to see how you motivate yourself. ‘


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He further said, ‘I motive myself by putting a lot of reels. I keep making lots of dance videos. I have seen nasty comments on these videos. Sometimes people speak so dirty, and I feel that you should not follow me if you have any problem with the ST. I am saying this to you, which is hurting you; you do not like me, then you should not follow. Things I don’t like, I don’t mind. But I do not abuse others by going to their account. ‘

Ankita further said, ‘I make my dance videos because I like, but I have been watching for a long time that people are abusing, talking dirty and dirty, I don’t care what people tell me But my parents feel very bad. They are compassionate, they are not from this industry, so it is tough for them to digest why people abuse them and what I have done wrong.

Ankita said, ‘I want to say that no one can judge someone’s relationship. Nobody has any right to point the finger at someone else’s relationship. Because people who are pointing fingers at me today did not know my relationship, and this was so, why are we coming and fighting now? Where were you first? When all the things were coming to an end in our life. I am blamed while it is not my fault.

Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput, Ankita said, ‘I would not like to prove anyone wrong; everyone has their motives in life. Sushant wanted to move forward in his life and did the same; he went his own way. Where am I wrong for this? Why am I abused? You do not know my story and do not even want to tell me. Nor do I want to say anything about Sushant here, but you have no idea about my story. So I don’t think you should blame me for this. It hurts a lot. I have also gone through depression, but I have never expressed these things. ‘

Recalling his past time, he said, ‘I too have gone through those problems, I also had to cry a lot, then there was no one with me, but I had a family with me and some of my fans who are standing with me even today. Request from those I don’t like is that please unfollow me, and I don’t think you should blame me for anything because I did not exist in anyone’s life for so many years. But I had a responsibility towards it, and I have fulfilled it well. I hope you understand this. It is an independent India, but you must think ten times what you are saying before speaking.