Anupama Spoiler Alert 12 March: Samar Seen Threatening Vanraj

Anupama Spoiler Alert 12 March News

Anupama Spoiler Alert: The Show ‘Anupama’, Which Remains At Number 1 On The TRP List, Is Witnessing Tremendous Highvoltage Drama These Days. After Expressing The Love Of Nandini, Now The Shah Family Has Also Come To Know About The Relationship Between Samar And Nandini. While Anupama Is Supporting Her Son In Happiness, Vanraj Is Standing Against This Relationship. At The Same Time, The Family Also Seems To Be Divided Between Samar And Nandini’s Two Groups.

Anupama Spoiler Alert 12 March

In The Upcoming Episode Of ‘Anupama’ Serial, The Battle Between Father And Son Is Going To Be Seen. Despite Vanraj’s Repeated Refusal, Samar Does Not Stop Talking To Nandini. He Also Brings Her With Him In The Worship Of Mahashivaratri. On Seeing Nandini At Home, Vanraj’s Anger Reaches The Seventh Sky. After Which There Is A Lot Of Discord Between Vanraj And Samar.

Summer Gets Even Angrier With Vanraj’s Scolding. Summer, Which Always Listens To The Family, Is Going To Be Seen Crossing The Line This Time. In The Upcoming Episode, Vanraj Threatens Samar To End His Relationship With Nandini. But Samar Goes Against The Father’s Order And Announces His Marriage To Nandini. However, Whether Samar And Nandini Will Get Married Or Not Will Tell The Time To Come. Apart From This, Samar Is Also Very Angry With Vanraj About Kavya.

The Upcoming Episodes Will See How Vanraj Prevents Samar From Marrying Nandini. Also, How Much And How Long Anupama Can Support Her Son. Apart From This, Kavya Is Determined To Take Revenge On Anupama Once Again After Returning Home. For Which She Is Seen Constantly Making Plans.