Anupamaa Fame Rupali Ganguly Infected With Coronavirus

Anupamaa Fame Rupali Ganguly Corona Postive News

Anupamaa Fame Rupali Ganguly Infected With Corona: The coronavirus epidemic is spreading again all over the country. This is making Maharashtra the most. The capital here, Mayanagari, is number one in the list of top 10 cities in Mumbai, where the cases of coronavirus infection are coming the most. In the past few days, many celebs from the TV and the Bollywood industry have been infected with Corona.

Anupamaa Fame Rupali Ganguly Infected With Coronavirus

Now TV’s popular actress Rupali Ganguly has become infected with the coronavirus. Rupali plays the lead role in ‘Anupama’, TV’s biggest hit and number one show in the TRP list. Apart from them, many cast and crew have also been infected with the Coronavirus. Rupali has quarantined herself since the report came positive.

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No symptoms of corona

Rupali Ganguly has informed about her corona positive sometimes back through her social media account. He said that he had no symptoms. He has described Corona as a goddess in a comic style. She wrote, “Mother Corona Devi is you or not. I am positive, but I did not want to.”

Many people corona infected in the show’s cast

Ashish Mehrotra, who plays Rupali’s elder son in the show, has been missing several days. The audience is worried about their sudden disappearance. It has now been confirmed that he is a quarantine in the house. He, too, has become infected with Corona. Paras Kalnavat, who played Anupama’s younger son on the show last month, was also Corona infected and went on a two-week break.

News of Sudhanshu Pandey is also positive.

Paras returned to the set, and the makers shot his part, but a tragic incident happened to him last week. His father died of a heart attack. It is also said that Sudhanshu Pand, who plays Anupama’s husband in the show, has also been infected with Corona. However, producer Rajan Shahi and his team are preparing for the following action.