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Ashneer Grover Failed In Deal With Salman, Got A Fair Hearing


On the Shark Tank India show, you must have seen the judges scolding and reprimanding many small business people who came to raise funds. But today, we will tell you an anecdote where a shark of the show himself, the judge, had to listen to the team of Salman Khan. Shark Tank’s most controversial judge, Ashneer Grover, has made this story known. Ashneer had to sign Salman for his business, but he had a low budget, so he had to listen to taunts.

When Ashneer had to listen

Ashneer Grover told an anecdote from his early days during a Tane Lovely Professional University seminar. When he shared things about signing Salman Khan, Ashneer said that I did not have money. Ashneer said – In 2019, they took Salman Khan as the brand ambassador. No one could have imagined because I had 100 crore rupees in the bank, and I had to build my entire business. I knew that the money transaction business does not run on trust. Now that I was a small company, I had to generate overnight trust.

Ashneer Grover said, ‘I felt I took Salman Khan as the brand ambassador. I approached Salman Khan’s team. So he said it would take Rs 7.5 crore. I calculated that 7.5 crores would have to be given to them, then one or two crores will be used to make ads, and then they have to be run on TV too. Even after that, there are many expenses, in total, there is a mess of 20 crores. 100 crores are lying in my pocket, and the second round is also not guaranteed. So I said do Mandawali (negotiation). I talked to Salman Khan’s brother to reduce the money, and he agreed to 4.5 crores.


After this, Ashneer told how Salman Khan’s team got annoyed with him. Ashneer said- ‘At one time, Salman Khan’s manager started talking to me, brother, have you come to buy bhindi? I said brother, no money. After that, all the university students start laughing and clapping at Ashneer’s Mandawali (negotiation) talent.

Co-founder Ashneer Grover, who came into the limelight due to the BharatPe controversy, introduced his startup after leaving the company. According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), he has named his firm ‘Third Unicorn’. He started this company with his wife, Madhuri Jain.

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