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Asim Riaz Brother Umar And Father Aginst Himanshi Khurana

In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss, Himanshi Khurana confessed his love for Asim Riaz in front of Salman Khan. Asim Riyaz is not happy with this. But another story is going on outside the Bigg Boss house. Asim Riaz Brother and Father is Against Himanshi Khurana.

Asim Riaz Brother and Father

Recently, Asim’s brother Umar criticized Vikas Gupta for spreading lies inside Bigg Boss house. Vikas Gupta came to Bigg Boss house and said that Asim Riaz has a girlfriend in Bigg Boss house. At the same time, Asim says that there is nothing like that. They have no relationship outside the house. Asim’s rear-ended girlfriend Shruti Tuli has said that she is just Asim’s friend.

Why Is Shruti Tuli Silent

It may be that Asim’s game is not weak in Bigg Boss’s house, so Shruti is hiding her relationship. As per Spot Boy’s report, Asim and Umar have told Shruti to keep quiet about their relationship so that Asim can play the game comfortably. Asim Riaz Brother and Father.

Love’s Enemies Outside The House

The report also said that Asim’s brother Umar and his father Ahmed Chaudhary are against Himanshi Khurana. They do not want Asim Himanshi to have any contact with Khurana. That is, Asim and Himanshi’s enemies of love are not in Bigg Boss’s house but in their own house outside the show.

Talking about Himanshi Khurana who came to Bigg Boss house, Salman Khan has put a lot of class on him in yesterday’s episode. Salman Khan has said that Himanshi talks outside in Bigg Boss house. He has spoken about Arhan Khan at home. While outside talk is not allowed in this reality show.

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