Asim Riaz, Mahira Sharma, And Paras Chabra Will Get Punished

Asim Riaz Mahira Sharma And Paras Chabra

The television reality shows Bigg Boss 13 is not even mentioning the end of the controversy. The Big Boss show had a captaincy task the previous day, in which all the householders were once again seen to show their careless and stubborn attitude. Seeing the attitude of the family, Big Boss has also taken tough steps, which will now have to be suffered by all the family members. Asim Riaz.

Asim Riaz, Mahira Sharma, And Paras Chabra

Let me tell you that on the previous day, in the show Bigg Boss 13. There was a race among all the families to gain captaincy. In this race, all the families are given a picture board of each other. When a buzzer play by Bigg Boss from time to time, one of the householders had to burn the board of the person whom they want to get out of the claim of the captaincy, giving reasons.

At the beginning of the task, all the households started breaking boards with pictures of each other when the buzzer sounded. At the end of the task, the board left with Mahira Sharma, Asim Riaz, and Paras Chhabra. Asim Riaz wanted to claim Rashmi and Mahira Sharma to Paras. If both were successful, the captaincy would have fought between Paras and Rashmi. But Paras did not give up his stubbornness. Paras said that he would claim Asim as he does not want to compete with the girl.

At the last buzzer, one of the three had to burn their board, but all three were adamant. When Bigg Boss once again saw the careless attitude of the family, this task had to cancel again. Bigg Boss said in a very strict mood that the three members who canceled this task will punish. Let me tell you that even last week no member had become Captain in the house.