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Asim Riaz Made Shocking Revelations About Girlfriend In Front Of Media

Asim Riaz: The grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ is on 15 February. Seeing the TRP increase, the makers pushed the show forward. From the beginning of the show, Asim Riaz was very much discussed his girlfriends. Many news about the relationship between both of them discusses social media. Meanwhile, 7 contestants of the show appeared to the media for the first time.

Asim Riaz Opens Up

The video of the conversation of the contestants with the media is becoming increasingly vital. Let us know that after the episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ was over on February 3. A promo seen in which Asim Riaz said such a thing about his girlfriend in front of the media, which you will not believe even hearing.

The promo video showed a journalist questioning Asim that while proposing Himanshi Khurana, you did not think that you had a girlfriend. Asim Riaz responded angrily to this question of the journalist, ‘Who is this? I do not have a girlfriend, I was not in any relationship. Just because I am famous, someone has just tweeted, I think two to four can do more. Siddhartha claps and laughs loudly on hearing Asim’s answer.

Siddharth Shukla Said These

At the same time, another journalist questioned Siddharth that Salman Khan had warned you during a weekend that you should stay away from Shehnaz Gill. Maybe she is in love with you. After this, not everyone sees the friendship between you and Shehnaz so much now. On this question, Siddharth said, I do not think that any particular distance or difference has come between us.

After this, Shehnaz says, “I connect with whom I am very much and sometimes I become stupid because of it.” On this, they are questioned whether this is your personal view or a game. On hearing these questions, Shehnaz gets up in the middle and leaves.

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