Akanksha Puri May Face Problems With This Video Of Mahira-Paras

With the increasing proximity of Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma, now his girlfriend Akanksha Puri is facing problems. However, Akanksha still supports Paras. She says that she will continue to support Paras until Paras comes out of the show and she does not talk to him about all this. However, Akanksha has questioned the friendship of Paras and Mahira. Meanwhile, a new video of both of them has surfaced, which may cause trouble for Paras’ girlfriend Aspire.

Akanksha Puri

A video has been shared on Biggbossjassos, Bigg Boss fan page where Paras and Mahira are seen having fun. They are getting very close to each other in fun, and the same thing can pass with exasperation. The video shows Paras holding Mahira in her lap, after which the two have fun with each other. Sometimes Paras is kissing Mahira and sometimes embracing her. On the other hand, Mahira also looks equally comfortable with him.

Akanksha Gave This Reaction On Paras-Mahira’s KISS

A few days ago a video of Paras and Mahira went viral in which Paras was seen kissing Mahira. Aakanksha’s reaction was revealed in this video. Akanksha Puri had said, ‘I too have many friends, but the friendship I see between Mahira and Paras is not that friendly. Couples live the way they are living. Especially his small movements. Like Paras kissing Mahira and Mahira not objecting to it.

‘I think Mahira will have friends who live with her like this but my friends are not like that. When Paras kissed Mahira, Mahira did not react. This means she was comfortable in it. Seeing all this, I start to feel whether Paras is really doing this only for the game or whether something is going on between the two. However, despite all this, I will support Paras. As long as she is on the show, I will support her and keep doing it ‘.

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