Salman Khan Will Be Leave Bigg Boss Season 14 As Host

Bigg Boss 14 Host Salman Khan

The face of players and visitors changes every year in the show. If nothing has changed since the fourth season of this show, then it is the host Salman Khan. However, Salman has seen saying several times during this season that he will not host the show further. Now that the 13th season of Bigg Boss is over, the news is that Salman Khan can make a distance from the next season.

Bigg Boss 14 Host Salman Khan

Pinkvilla has quoted from sources that Salman Khan can break ties with the show. The source said, ‘Salman Khan feels that this time the channel was biased towards Siddharth Shukla for the entire season. Superstar Salman was angered when Siddharth was elected the winner. However, now Salman has made it clear to the channel that he will not be part of the show for more time.

This is not the first time that any such news has come out about Salman Khan. During this first season 13, Salman has talked about quitting the show several times in a joke. At the same time, similar news came in this season when the show was extended five weeks further. However, it is too early to say that Salman will not host Bigg Boss-14. There is still a long time to come next season.

Let me tell you that this time the show of Bigg Boss ran for a total of 149 days. This is the biggest season ever. This season, Siddharth Shukla appeared as a winner. At the same time, Asim Riaz was the runner-up. As soon as the show becomes the winner, Siddharth is facing many accusations. Siddharth and Asim had a very angry atmosphere throughout the show. Many times there was a scuffle between the two. Salman has appeared angry about this. Now, to see what next step does Salman Khan take? There has been no official announcement about Bigg Boss from them.