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Broken But Beautiful 3: Siddharth, Sonia Broke The Hearts Of Fans


Web Series Review:  Broken But Beautiful 3
Creator:  Ekta Kapoor
Cast:  Siddharth Shukla, Sonia Rathi, Ehan Bhat, Saloni Khanna, Tania Kalra etc.
Director:  Priyanka Ghosh
OTT :  MX Player / Alt Balaji
Rating :  *

If you have not yet seen the documentary film ‘The Social Dilemma’ available on Netflix, then definitely watch it before watching the following shows of MX Player. If you are still getting something for free on OTT, then believe that it is not only trying to snatch the precious moments of your life from you, but you are being given such an intoxicant that is harmful to your employment. This puts your physical and mental health at risk.

Clumsy series Like

All the other clumsy web series created by Ekta Kapoor, the third season of ‘Broken But Beautiful’ is also stupid. Zee5 aired the first two seasons. This time it is available for free on MX Player.


Spoil all the fun

The fans of Siddharth Shukla are eagerly waiting for this series. Siddharth himself has also expected his career to go straight up like a rocket from this series. But, the weak storyline and poor direction have spoiled the game.

Broken But Beautiful 3 MX Player

The familiar triangle

The story of love is of Agastya Rao and Rumi. Both people are living in their way. Agastya is the director of the theatre. Angry that the audience does not understand his ‘art’. He believes that the mistake is not in his skills but the thinking of the people. Rumi is second drunk. There is only hope in his every moment.


She wants to get Ishaan. At a cost. And, to pay this price, she makes Agastya a pawn. Hundreds of films and serials have been made on this worn-out love triangle.

Broken But Beautiful 3 IMBD

In the third season of Ekta Kapoor’s high-class ‘ Gandi Baat.’

‘Broken But Beautiful’, Ekta Kapoor has added her ‘ Gandi Baat ‘ tinge to a cliched story. There is no concrete existence of any character. Everyone is in the air with the balloons of their inflated ego.


This is a fake-looking story of Ekta Kapoor’s fake world. By mixing a lot of adult content in the stories of television serials, Ekta Kapoor is selling her old stories in a new packing on OTT in a big way. Earlier his teammates were in G5; now, this work has been taken over by MX Player.

Broken But Beautiful 3 Rating

Smiles faded, angry fake.

MX Player is also the image of those serving semi porn series. But, even the typical semi porn watcher will find the third season of ‘Broken But Beautiful’ hollow, and that’s because the writing of the series is lacklustre. Angry artist, a bold boy desperate to come out of his sister’s shadow and a rich and clumsy third man. The graph of the story does not keep up with its writers from the first episode itself.


Most of the technicians from its first two seasons behind the camera are absent this time. And its effect is visible on the texture of the series. The decorated people are seen shining brightly. But his smiles are pale and his anger fake. Love doesn’t look simple from anywhere.

Broken But Beautiful 3 Songs

Only the songs are great..!

In the cast, this series has become only Siddharth Shukla’s showreel. He can do such characters, too; it tells his fans the third season of ‘Broken But Beautiful. Sonia Rathi also seems to be trying her best to make people hate her character.


But to create hatred in people’s minds, it is necessary that first people can get time to understand that character. Shaan Bhat looks like a robot been left in front of the camera after being taught his lines. Only the music videos of the songs of the web series ‘Broken But Beautiful’ are worth watching. The rest of the series does not have the power to watch it till the end.

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