Dance Deewane 3 judge Dharmesh Yelande Infected with Coronavirus

Dance Deewane 3 Judge Dharmesh Yelande Corona Positive News

Dharmesh Yelande Corona Positive: The outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic is rising again in the country. Maharashtra is getting affected a lot due to this epidemic. In Mumbai, the highest number of cases of coronavirus infection is coming. So far, many big celebs, crew members and hundreds of people working on the sets of the film are getting infected with Corona.

Dharmesh Yelande Corona Positive

A few days ago, 18 people got infected with Corona on TV’s popular dancing reality show ‘Dance Deewane 3’. But fortunately, none of the judges or contestants of the show was caught by the virus. But now the report of the judge of the show Dharmesh Yelandehas come to Corona positive. He has been quarantined at home since the news came positive.

Madhuri and Tusshar report negative.

Apart from Dharmesh Yelande, two other judges Madhuri Dixit and Tushar Kalia, also got their corona test done, the report of which has been negative. Madhuri Dixit and Tusshar Kalia will remain as judges in the show, but Dharmesh will no longer be a part of the show until he recovers from the infection. They have been replaced.

Dharmesh became the replacement.

Choreographer and dancer Punit Pathak and Shakti Mohan will take part in ‘Dance Deewane 3’ in place of Dharmesh Yelande. Makers have recently released a promo of the upcoming episode on social media. Puneet Pathak and Shakti Mohan are seen in this promo.

Report positive after coming from Goa

The producer of the show, Arvind Dharmesh Yelande, has reacted to the report. He said that the Corona report of Dharmesh had come negative last week. After this, he went to Goa. On April 5, he was to shoot again for the show. But according to the rule, before starting the shooting, his corona test was done, and his report has come positive.